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  • Digital Media City transforms with opening of airport railway line

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    Digital Media City is quickly gaining a name as a tourist attraction, thanks to the Dec. 29 opening of the railway line linking the DMC to Seoul Station, Gimpo Airport and Incheon International Airport.

    This ease of access to Digital Media City provided by the new rail link has heightened interest among foreign tourists, particularly the Chinese, Seoul City said. The reason behind this is that a diverse range of activities appealing to tourists and locals alike, (such as hands-on, state-of-the-art information technology events) are on offer at DMC.

    The DMC features the Gallery, the Digital Pavilion, the Korean Film Archive, and other facilities to entertain and captivate visitors. The DMC, completed in Nov. 2011, also boasts having the “Millennium Eye” as its symbolic structure.

    DMC Gallery, Digital Pavilion, Korean Film Archive, Millennium Eye

    The site is soon to be enhanced with other services and facilities. Some of the highlights are the “DMC Ville,” an apartment complex for foreign visitors on a long-term sojourn, a Japanese School for educational programs, and the “Stanford Hotel Korea” to be completed in October. Another highlight is the Dwight School to open in Sept. 2012.

    All of these new, world-class services are expected to help contribute to fostering a “global business” environment, Seoul City has said.

    DMC Ville, Japanese School, Artist’s rendering of Stanford Hotel Korea

    Seoul boasts that Digital Media City is the world’s first “media, entertainment and IT cluster.” The project currently has about 300 involved companies, with about 22,000 people doing business on-site. The DMC is operating on about 12 trillion won of revenue, according to Seoul City.