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  • Details of 2016 Seoul News Top 10

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    Details of 2016 Seoul News Top 10

    No.1 Call Bus for Late-night Passengers (13,338 votes; 5.9%)

    Those who travel through similar paths can share a bus using the app for this real-time service, and they can go anywhere without refusal at 70% to 80% of the midnight surcharge for taxi service. Users can call a bus through the app without explaining their locations. The call bus provides safe and convenient midnight travel to citizens and will be extended to more living areas in addition to Gangnam-gu and Seocho-gu.

    No.2 Hangang Summer Festival (12,774 votes; 5.7%)

    The Hangang River is the place for summer vacations! Being established with the citizens, the Hangang Summer Festival has become one of the representative summer festivals of Seoul with 12 million annual visitors for 2 consecutive years. The Hangang Summer Festival gives beautiful memories to the citizens with a variety of programs from cool swimming to romantic cultural performances so that they can enjoy joyful vacations at the Hangang River.

    No.3 Dream Together: School Bathroom Remodel Project (11,536 votes; 5.1%)

    This is a unique project for children to change school bathrooms, which are reportedly one of most inconvenient and dissatisfactory facilities in schools, at their disposal by establishing design task forces made up of students, parents, teachers and design directors to change the dark and foul spaces into bright and pleasant ones. 175 school bathrooms were improved in the first year, 2015, and 265 bathrooms will have been improved by the end of 2016.

    No.4 Extended Operation of Seoul Public Bicycle, Ddareungi (10,658 votes; 4.8%)

    Ddareungi has been established as a connection between public transportation and short-distance travel for solving traffic jams and air pollution to help Seoul citizens achieve healthy lives. It provides a 24-hour unmanned rental system across rental shops through a smartphone app for the utmost convenience. The Ddareungi has achieved two hundred thousand memberships and 1.44 million uses in the first 12 months and is serving the citizens at convenient places around subway stations, bus stops and residential areas.

    No.5 Support of Sanitary Pads for Girls from Low-income Families (10,050 votes; 4.5%)

    The sanitary pads are provided free to girls from low-income families, who are in their important period of growth, but have difficulties taking care of themselves. Upon request from girls who are subject to basic living security, the sanitary pads are delivered to their addresses, and the public teenager facilities have some in stock. Seoul Metropolitan Government will make efforts to protect the bodies and spirits of girls from low-income families by comprehensively addressing their gender issues and rights of health in terms of fundamental rights.

    No.6 2030 Youth Housing in Areas Close to Subway Stations (9,180 votes; 4.1%)

    Rental houses are supplied with low rates in areas close to subway stations with easy access to public transportation. To solve the housing problems of the 2030 generation suffering the worst youth unemployment rate and sharply-increasing housing cost, the private-public cooperation provides different benefits including mitigated regulations and simplified procedures to businesses so that they can supply enough rental housing for the youth. Seoul Metropolitan Government will provide active support for the youth to establish stable housing at convenient areas close to subway stations, to lead local culture, and to promote the local economy.

    No.7 The Memorial Site for the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery (8,441 votes; 3.8%)

    The Memorial Site for the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery has been established by Seoul Metropolitan Government and The Memorial Site for the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery Promotional Committee to exhibit the extreme pain of Japanese Military Sexual Slavery and remember it. It was started because there is no space to comfort and remember the Japanese Military Sexual Slavery issue despite the fact that it has been highlighted as a global issue of human rights, so the Tonggamgwanjeo Site (Tonggam Official Residence site) in Namsan Park has been transformed into the memorial site. The space of humiliation will be transformed into a new historic space in a century with citizen participation to comfort the victims and remain as a historic site for the present and future generations.

    No.8 Development of Public WiFi Infrastructure (7,159 votes; 3.2%)

    Seoul Metropolitan Government has established the free public WiFi environment accessible to any citizen in order to improve its competitiveness and maximize the universal information accessibility of Seoul citizens. It has installed 10,000 public WiFi stations with 7,500 intra-city buses providing the WiFi service to implement communication welfare for the convenience of Seoul citizens. Seoul Metropolitan Government will make efforts to reduce communication expenses of communication-vulnerable classes and to close the gap of information accessibility.

    No.9 Women’s Safety Metropolitan City 2.0 (6,792 votes; 3.0%)

    Human, environment and traffic safety networks have been established for women to live with comfort. It has established Women’s Safe Shelter at convenience stores for emergency escape (638 units), Women’s Safety Scout to help coming home during the night, Safe Mailing Service Box that can be used during absence (160 units), and Safe Village for Women to prevent domestic violence with residential patrol parties.

    No.10 Seoul, 3rd Best MICE City (6,687 votes; 3.0%)

    Seoul has been selected as the 3rd biggest international convention city (The Best MICE City as well) by actively inviting and holding international conferences and exhibitions. According to 2015 International Meetings Statistics Report by Union of International Associations (UIA), Seoul has taken 3rd place (494 events) following Singapore (736 events) and Brussels (665 events), which is historical. By making efforts to invite MICE as the high-value future food industry with high job creation, Seoul is trying to become the best MICE city in the world.