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  • Demonstration Event of Hallyu Stars’ Makeup Secrets

  • Integrated News SMG 3166

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government held “The Korean Beauty Secret” event to introduce the makeup methods widely used by Hallyu (Korean wave) stars and the latest Korean makeup styles to foreign visitors at the Seoul Global Culture & Tourism Center in Myeong-dong, Seoul from 2 pm, July 3.

    At the event, famous makeup artists from Etude House, which is famous throughout Asia, including Japan and China, presented a demonstration of the makeup methods currently in vogue among Korean stars, while professional lecturers briefly explained the characteristics of Korean-style makeup and provided information on the latest makeup styles.

    Foreign nationals were recruited for participation by internet and email for seven days from June 20. More than 110 people from 26 countries applied to take part in the event by the closing day on June 27.

    In the wake of the event the Seoul Global Center plans to gather the opinions of participants in order to diversify its programs and increase the scale of the event in the future.