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  • DEMICAT – DJ from Seoul

  • Global Seoul Mate Activities 1512

    Demicat is an electronic music producer and DJ from Seoul. He creates a variety of beats and tunes based on his broad musical understanding. He began studying piano at the age of six and was affected by jazz, soul, funk, disco, and hip hop from an early age.

    He began live performance with a combination of his own keyboards and djing since 2008. He played with a few sessions together, such as guitar, percussions. It had a form like a band, and it was more than just dj set.

    The release was seen by a turning point in his production, gradually moving away from the jazz-based tunes of his earlier music and displaying a wider range of styles.

    And now you can listen to electro – dubstep song which Demicat ft Koonta released – Locked in the Dream.