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  • December 2013 Cultural Events Calendar

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 2200

    december 2013 Cultural Events Calendar

    Event Date/Time Venue Description Inquiries
    Seoul City Junior ChoirThe Prince and Christmas December 20th (Fri) 19:30/December 21st (Sat) 17:00 Sejong M Theater A touching drama that deals with the worries and conflicts of King Youngchin, the last prince of Joseon dynasty, carried out with humor through coincidental meetings with friends outside the palaceR 30,000 won/S 25,000 won


    A capella RecitalChristmas Carol Concert December 19th (Thurs)19:00~20:00 Auditorium in Cheong Gye Cheon Museum (3rd floor) Beautiful harmony created with fantastic voices,Various Christmas carol repertoires in a capella


    Christmas Couple Event with Butterflies December 25th (Wed)14:00~15:30 Butterfly Experience Hall in Seoul Forest Seoul Forest Butterfly Experience Hall’s Butterfly Flying Event with live butterflies in winter time for Christmas coupleshttp://parks.seoul.go.kr/park/ +82-2-460-2901
    Daily Ringing of the Bosingak Bell December 31st (Tues) 23:30~next day 1:30 Bosingak (Belfry) Bell ringing and commemorative performance, etc +82-2-2133-2613
    Seoul Metropolitan Traditional Music Orchestra
    End of year musical recital – Listen to Hopeful Gukak
    December 17th (Tues) 19:30