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Culture & Tourism news

  • DDP to be Transformed into the Ambassador of Northeast Asian Culture

  • SMG 4204

    DDP Walkway will provide various traditional cultural activities from China, Japan, and Mongolia on April 16 (Sunday).

    Tai chi and Karate demonstrations will be performed at the center stage of the DDP Walkway, along with a space for trying on traditional clothing and playing games of China, Japan and Mongolia

    Interactive programs and exhibitions by 14 teams of citizen artists will also be offered including caricature drawing, gardening, clay making, and dry flower making. There will also be musical performances such as K-pop cover dance, folk music on the acoustic guitar, and ocarina performance.

    Popular programs at DDP Walkway from last year such as ‘Lawn Plaza Rest Area’ and ‘Street Gym’ where people can exercise and have fun, will be offered again this year.

    DDP turns into cultural mecca of Northeast Asia

    DDP Walkway will host various cultural activities around the world every third Sunday until October this year, excluding July and August.

    Diverse world cultures will be introduced from May to October as follows: ‘2017 Seoul Africa Festival’ in May, Latin America in June, Southeast Asia in September, and Europe in October.

    Location of DDP Walkway : 310 m stretch of land on Jangchungdan-ro in front of DDP (281, Eulji-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul)

    < Major Programs offered in April at DDP Walkway >

    Major Programs offered in April at DDP Walkway
    CategorylocationProgram NameHours of OperationDescription
    PerformanceOpposite side of Apm Ocarina performance11:40~12:10· Ocarina performance group consisting of 4 to 5 group members
    Yeeumhoe Art Group12:20~13:00· K-pop cover dance performance team
    Haengttung and Friends13:10~13:50· Acoustic guitar folk band
    Tai chi Demonstration14:00~14:30· Demonstration group from Korean Taichi Association (15 people)
    Karate Demonstration14:50~15:20· Kyokushin Karate demonstration group (7 people)
    Yoon Jejun Band14:50~15:30· Acoustic guitar busking
    Interactive programs/ExhibitionsOpposite side of MiglioreTraditional clothing Always· China (cheongsam) Japan(kimono·yukata) Mongolia(deel)
    Traditional games· Traditional Japanese and Mongolian games, paper tent making (ger)
    Chinese tea drinking(Gu tea)· Chinese tea sampling including puer tea
    Hiragana design exhibition· Operated by Japan Foundation Seoul
    Opposite side of Good Morning CityiPad caricature14:00~16:00· On-the-spot caricature on iPad
    Dry flower makingAlways· Flower craft using dried flowers
    Ocarina making· Ocarina decoration/Lecture on how to play the ocarina
    More exciting experience· Making leather bracelet and traditional paper mirror
    Paper making· Making dolls and flower using crepe paper
    Traditional game (Eolssu Yongsan)· Playing traditional games such as sangaji and stone hitting
    Gardening· Horticulture using cork and recycled containers
    Calligraphy· Making wedding proposal card using calligraphy
    Clay experience· Making various clay products
    Exhibition (Yang Donghyeon)· Pet house, chairs, and other exhibitions
    Relaxation ZoneOpposite side of DOOTALawn rest areaAlwaysA relaxing rest area with lawn and parasol
    Street gym· A space for citizens with props and games