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  • DDP holds “Play Design, Play On” exhibition celebrating its 5th anniversary

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    플레이 디자인 play ON 꿈꾸고 만들고 누리는

    Colorful exhibitions will be on display starting on October 14, 2019 (Mon.) as part of Seoul Design Cloud at Dongdaemun Design Plaza (DDP), which is managed by the Seoul Design Foundation. Three special exhibitions—“Play Design, Play On,” “Bauhaus Mirror,” and “DDP Design Archives”—will be available to offer regular citizens the charms of design.

    “Play Design, Play On” (Oct. 14, 2019 – Jan. 24, 2020, DDP) is an exhibition that celebrates the 100th anniversary of the National Sports Festival by shedding new light on Dongdaemun Stadium, which was a main stage of the festival, and looking back on the history of sports in Seoul. The exhibition as a design playground and a playing field under the themes of “Dream,” “Design,” and “Play” provides visitors with lead active lives with a unique opportunity to experience sports.

    The four sections of the exhibition include “The 100th National Sports Festival in Seoul: 100 years of Sports + 100 years of Design,” “Street Sports: Street Design,” “Independent Games + Independent Designs: E-Sports,” and “Sports for All: VR and the Fourth Design Revolution.” The exhibition guides visitors towards the “Sports for All” section as it encompasses the sports culture, the early modern and modern history of design, online sports, and sports in the future.

    Additionally, the programs associated with the exhibition that will take place nine times will invite visitors to a more vivid world of sports design.

    “Bauhaus Mirror” (Oct. 14, 2019 – Nov. 30, 2019, DDP Archives), the second exhibition, aims at looking into the relationship between Bauhaus and Korean design, going beyond simply understanding Bauhaus itself. The concept of “mirror” will be the mediator to examine how Bauhaus is reflected in Korean design and how it is interpreted from Korean designers’ viewpoints.

    Finally, “DDP Design Archives” (Oct. 14, 2019 – Nov. 6, 2019, DDP Design Pathway) is an exhibition that looks back on the first generation of Korean designers while searching for a path for future Korean design. Through this exhibition, the illustration, which is called a new painting in the modern industrial society, and graphic modernism that contains the emotions and humor of the Korean people will be introduced.

    * To check out the Seoul Design Cloud exhibitions, come to the DDP Museum between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. Admission is free. More information on the exhibitions and programs is available on the DDP website (http://www.ddp.or.kr/eng/event/detail/1954?menuId=114).