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  • DDP Exhibition Ticket Discount Event Implemented

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    LOOK Smithsonian Photo Exhibition Fornasetti Practical Madness The Encounter between Kansong and Paik Nam June


    The Seoul Metropolitan Government is holding the DDP Exhibition Ticket Discount Event, offering affordable prices for the winter vacation until March 15th, 2017. The event will include large-scale exhibitions held at DDP, such as the LOOK Smithsonian Photo Exhibition, the Fornasetti Practical Madness, and The Encounter between Kansong and Paik Nam June.

    Tickets for ‘LOOK Smithsonian Photo Exhibition (12,000 won for adults)’ and the ‘Fornasetti Practical Madness (15,000 won for adults)’ are available at a cost of 20,000 won for both. For visitors who have seen ‘The Encounter between Kansong and Paik Nam June (8,000 won for adults)’, ‘LOOK Smithsonian Photo Exhibition (12,000 won for adults)’ ticket price is reduced by 2,000 won.

    Ticket purchases are available at the ticket booth for LOOK Smithsonian Photo Exhibition and the Fornasetti Practical Madness. Details of the discount event can be found on the DDP website (www.ddp.or.kr).

    The LOOK Smithsonian Photo Exhibition is an exhibition displaying more than 140 award-winning photographs hosted by the Smithsonian Museum in Washington, DC, USA. The exhibition is the first overseas exhibition of the Smithsonian, and features photos that capture wonderful and fascinating moments.

    ‘Fornasetti Practical Madness’ introduces approximately 1,300 works of Italian decorative artist Piero Fornacetti, who has worked as a painter, sculptor, print artist, designer, collector, and stylist.

    ‘The Encounter between Kansong and Paik Nam June’ is an exhibition that shows how two great masters representing Korean culture, Jeon Hyeong Pil and Paik Nam June, have changed the world through their art and culture. The exhibition invites the viewer to find meaningful connections between traditional and contemporary art.