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  • DDP, where dreams come true, opens on March 21

  • Press Releases SMG 8178

    – With its opening, DDP kicks off its start as the hub of fashion and creation industry
    – It will run for 24/7, as in the norm of the Dongdaemun Commercial District enhancing the brand value of Dongdaemum area
    – By becoming a major night tour attraction, DDP is expected to vitalize the local economy
    – With ’60 landmarks’ based on the historical, cultural resources, DDP architect history, DDP will secure consistent inflow of tourists
    – DDP will secure a full financial independence from 2015, with annual balance of 32.1 billion won
    – 920 works will be displayed at the eight opening exhibitions with Seoul Fashion Week and Zaha Hadid’s visit is scheduled on March 11 to 12
    – SMG is committed to develop DDP as the global origin of design and creative industries


    On March 21(Fri) DDP(Dongdaemum Design Plaza), the biggest three dimensional atypical landmark building in the world, is about to take its first step as the hub of Design Creative Industry’. At DDP, which is built on the site of the old Dongdaemun Stadium, a variety of conventions, exhibitions, fashion shows will be held throughout the year, and businesses will be constantly created.

    8 exhibition programs and the Seoul Fashion Week, which celebrates its 14th anniversary this year, will be the first events that greet citizens and tourists at DDP. It is widely expected that the futuristic building, which will run for 24/7, become a global landmark and an urban oasis for citizens.

    Total 920 pieces of works will be displayed at the eight exhibitions including, Gansong Arts Collection Exhibition, which displays 59 pieces of national treasures such as the Explanation Script for Hunminjeonge(the Joseon dynasty-era document explaining the meaning of Hangeul), “Hyewon Jeonsin Painting Collection’ with 30 pieces of genre paintings of Shin Yun-Bok, the famous painter in the Joseon Dynasty, Art Book of Lee Sang-Hwa, 3-D animation of Park Tae-Hwan, ‘Sports and Design Exhibition’ with gloves of Park Chan-ho, soccer sneakers of Hwang Sun-Hong among others, and ‘Exhibition for Zaha Hadid Works’ ‘which will enchant visitors with imaginative design works of Zaha Hadid.

    Zaha Hadid , the world-renowned architect who designed the DDP, will visit Seoul, and meet Seoul citizens during her stay on March 11 to 12, telling stories behind DDP design, and her lifetime works.

    On March 11th, Zaha Hadid will have a press conference, and on the following day, she will meet Seoul citizens at DDP Open Studio 1 at the forum, ‘Zaha Hadid 360°’, which begins at 15:00. The architect will have talks with 1,000 participants, including architect experts, architect-major students and ordinary citizens at the forum.

    The 85,000-square-meter structure with 62,692m2 plottage, has three underground floors and four floors (29 meter in height). DDP consists of five spaces (Art Hall, Museum, Design Lab, Design Market, Dongdaemum History & Culture Park) and 15 related facilities.

    < Art Hall >
    Art Hall(4,953㎡) is the place where creative ideas meet business. Various conventions, fashion shows, concerts, performance, product launching events are held at this Art Hall, offering a spring board for people with creative ideas to launch their own business. The Hall consists of Open Studio 1 (1,500 seats), Open Studio 2 (1,000 seats) and Council Chamber (200 seats) at the 2nd ground floor of DDP.

    At the Art Hall, the Seoul Fashion Week, which has been the most globally famous Korean fashion event for the last fourteen years, will reveal its spring collection from March 21st to 26th, breaking the ground for DDP to become the ‘Origin of Design and Creation Industry’.

    The Seoul Fashion Week, which has provided a number of business opportunities for many Fashion designers and fashion companies, will celebrate the opening of DDP with its Seoul Fashion Week S/S. Its spring collections will take the whole Art Hall as a stage including Open Studio 1,2 and Council Chamber from March 21st to 26th.

    < Museum >
    Museum (7,928㎡) is where the Korean design prototypes meets global trend. The space spans from 2nd ground floor to the 4th floor, and the permanent exhibition of Gansong Arts Collection will be held at the Museum. The place consists of Planning Exhibition Hall, Design Dulegil, Design Museum, and Imagination Experience Hall.

    In particular, the Imagination experience hall (4th floor, 1,892㎡) is a space for children and youth, where they can enjoy various design contents. Through the experience, their critical thinking skills and intuitive imagination will be nurtured. Total 12 programs in five areas are run for children and youth aged between five to fifteen and their families. An hour is set for one-time experience and up to 200 people can enjoy the program at the same time.

    For example, participants can experience audio and visual communication though sound and typography, immerse themselves in the world of the iridescent lights through LED pentagon-shaped panels which reflects the lights on the mirrors, and look around TRIZ, a special exhibition which displays various icons that symbolize creative ideas patterns.

    In the meantime, five special opening exhibitions are scheduled to be held at the Museum. The overarching theme of the special exhibition is ‘How design can make difference in the world’, which also directly goes to the heart of the DDP identity. One can find clues for an answer in the five special exhibitions including the Gansong Arts Collection Exhibition, Sports and Design Exhibition’, ‘Zaha Hadid_ _360°,the exhibition for the architect’s works’ ‘Enzo Mari: Art of Design Exhibition’ and ‘Hochschule Fur Gestaltung Design, to Be Continued..’ exhibition.

    The Gansong Arts Collection Exhibition is an excellent venue to feel Gansong’s passion for traditional Korean arts, who collected the Korean arts works so that our next generation can learn and appreciate the excellence of Korean culture. Fifty nine art pieces which are truly national treasures such as Hunminjeonge, which became the Korean design prototype, and ‘Hyewon Jeonsin Painting Collection of Shin Yun-Bok’ which consists of his 30 paintings will be displayed. The exhibition is held until September, at the Design Museum, on the 2nd floor of the Museum. Seoul Design Foundation, which runs DDP and the Gansong Art and Culture Foundation signed an agreement to host co-exhibitions for the next three years.

    Sports and Design Exhibition is a perfect place to look around 43 pieces of collections of athletes, including Art Book of Lee Sang-Hwa, 3-D animation of Park Tae-Hwan, gloves of Park Chan-ho, soccer sneakers of Hwang Sun-Hong, robot feet of Um Hong-Gil.

    Some of the rare items such as sculling boats and monoski from London Design Museum, and F1 racing car with a price tag of 900 million won are displayed as well.

    ‘Zaha Hadid 360°, the exhibition for the architect’s works’ is a venue to peak into the world famous architect’s imagination through fifty three pieces of her works including spoon, shoes and jewelries. The exhibition is held at the Imagination experience hall lobby, the fourth floor, and Council Chamber, the 2nd ground floor of the art hall.

    For the first eleven days of DDP opening, from March 21st to 31th, all the DDP’s special exhibition except for the Gansong Arts Collection Exhibition are opened to visitors for free.

    There are other exhibitions as well in the collaboration with many Korean designers. At the third floor of the Museum, there is ‘YKDM Dulegil Lounge’ where visitors can look around and buy the works of designers who have demonstrated the creativity and excellence of Korean Design. On the Design Dulegil road, and the Media Wall・Image Wall, photographs display reveals history of Dongdaemum market though photos and video clips under the theme of ‘The Beloved’.

    < Design Lab >
    The Design Lab is a business platform for private businesses where creative works and products are displayed, promoted and traded. It consists of Biz Streets (5,124㎡), Trend Lab (1,858㎡), Designer’s Lounge (570㎡), and Education Space(1,094㎡), from 1st to 4th floor of DDP.

    Design Lab (8,206㎡) offers platform for designers to expand their businesses, work on their ideas, and exchange creative resources with each other. Domestic and foreign young designers can have promotions at the Design Lab, display their works, and experience newest fashion trend. The Design Lab is a market to trade design products and ideas.

    < Design Market design >
    Design Market, which is open for 24/7, is a convenient complex that connects cultural contents, experience and shopping at one place. It runs around the clock for the convenience of local and overseas visitors. The diversity and vivacity of the Design Market is expected to vitalize the whole Dongdaemum Commercial District. Its 2nd ground floor is connected with one of the Subway Line 1 exits, providing an easy access to the Market.

    < Dongdaemum History & Culture Park >
    Dongdaemum History & Culture Park (4,110㎡) was already opened back in October, 2009, as a place for citizens who want to enjoy culture and rest in the city. It consists of Design Gallery(341㎡), Igansumun Exhibition Hall (679㎡), Dongdaemun Stadium memorial hall(213㎡), and Dongdaemun history hall (522㎡).

    Until June, total of 320 pieces of work will be displayed at the Igansumun Exhibition Hall, including 260 design works and furniture, 10 pieces produced from workshops and 1 video clip will be displayed at the Dongdaemum History & Culture Park, with various themes, such as self-sufficient design, detailed design, and traditional designs.

    Meanwhile ‘Hochschule Fur Gestaltung Design, to Be Continued..’ exhibition will open until May 21st. It will showcase 127 design works produced by the world renowned college of fine arts, which laid a foundation for modern design. The exhibition will show the design philosophy of the institute, which values sensibility and sharing.

    < DDP Operation Strategy >
    The Seoul Design Foundation aims to adhere to the public role of DDP, which is to enhance the quality of life through design. To this end, the foundation devised the DDP operation strategy, which comprised of three major elements; to offer 24/7 service, to make 60 landmarks, to achieve a full financial autonomy.

    1. To vitalize the local economy with 24/7Operation and to become a major night tourist attraction.

    First of all, DDP is set to run for 24/7, given the fact that there is more floating population at night in the Dongdaemum commercial area, where shops are opened around the clock as well.

    From 10:00 to 19:00, forums and conferences will be held, and from 19:00 to 00:00, meetings, international conferences, night programs for office workers and tourists will be run in a flexible manner. After the opening, there will be special performances, fashion shows, film festivals, and product launching events even from mid night to dawn, along with forums and seminars for young adults. For security and quality of service, there will be five security offices around DDP and information center which opens around the clock.

    Transportation environment and pedestrian pavement are also improved as parts of DDP opening preparation. Not only has transportation environment improved, but also there are wider parking spaces for tourists’ buses and motorcycle and bicycles, which now can accommodate up to 54 buses and 283 bicycles. Walk road has been widened on the Jangchungdan-ro in front of the DDP with more trees planted along the pavement, ground exits of DDP are created, and 105 directional signs have been erected.

    To make DDP a tourist attraction, accommodation facilities will be enhanced as well. By 2015, there will be four tourists’ hotels with 705 rooms. (Currently there are 12 accommodating facilities with 2,013 rooms.)

    In the meantime, City Tour Bus which stops by DDP and the conventional market has been operating since Feb, 2013. Airport bus stops are set up, and night tour guide books have been published and distributed to promote the tourism in the area.

    2. To attract tourist with’60 landmarks’ that shows rich history, culture of the area and DDP architecture story.

    Secondly, to attract regular visitors, 60 spots will be promoted as major landmarks, each offering unique experience for DDP visitors. Rich history of Dongdaemum, DDP’s singular architecture value and technology will be shared through intriguing storytelling. For example, Seoul city wall, Hadogam site, Igansumun, DDP stairs which built in the exquisite curves, and Photo zones with excellent view have enough potential to be a landmark.

    3. To secure a full financial independence from 2015, with annual balance of 32.1 billion won.

    Thirdly, DDP aims to achieve a full financial independence from 2015, maintaining revenue and expenditure balance of 32.1 billion won. To this end, DDP will secure its revenue resources such as space lease and parking rents, attract large inflow of visitors, win commercial ads contracts, and develop its own brand.

    It is expected that DDP will earn annual revenue of 32.1 billion won including 19.3 billion won from infrastructure operation such as space lease and parking lots rent, 5.6 billion won from exhibition fees and contents revenue, and 7.2 billion won from ads, contributions, and souvenir sales and membership fees. As for annual expenditure, 25.3 billion won will be spent on, including 3.6 billion won for space and contents operation fees, 3.2 billion won for PR expenses, and of, 25.3 billion won for labor costs and facility maintenance fees.

    4. To enhance the brand value of Dongdaemum area.

    In the long run, DDP, the ‘Origin of communication of Design·Creation Inustry’ will attract projects that utilizes various industrial resources of Dongdaemum, and vitalize the commercial area, which will increase the revenue of the whole district and enhance brand value of Dongdaemum area.

    By utilizing portal and Database of DDP, it will offer collaboration, marketing, business promotion opportunities for fashion and clothing and sewing companies in the area, which will increase their revenue, recruitments and exchanges with one another.

    If DDP succeeds to become a major MICE venue, hosting regular annual international conferences, global fashion and design events, and developing its own brand program, there will be a constant flow of visitors throughout the year, which in turn, will promote tourism industry and increase the revenue of accommodation businesses.

    By building and harnessing internet and mobile-based ICT information sharing system, it will make it easy for domestic and foreign tourists to tap into tourism information.

    At the same time, DDP will host various talents donation events, where citizens and experts in the liberal arts, culture and arts can meet and share ideas, offering more chances to enjoy culture and arts for shop owners in Dongdaemum area and children. Through these efforts, DDP will be at the front and center in advancing brand value of Dongdaemum area. To this end, DDP will actively promote exchange and collaboration programs with the Seoul metropolitan government and other related agencies.

    5. To offer joyful experience with convenience facilities, easy access and package offers.

    DDP is equipped with excellent infrastructures for visitors’ convenience. It has parking lots from 1st to 3rd ground floors, which can accommodate up to 355 vehicles. DDP also has a medical room, lounge for female visitors only, nursing room, stockroom, 27 rest rooms, 5 information center, a number of cafes and Designer’s Lounge.

    An interesting fact about DDP is that there is no front or back entrance. Instead, total of 42 entrances that lead to pavement, parking lots, subway stations (exit #1 or 10 of Subway Line 2, 4, and 5) make sure an easy exit and entrance.

    The price of programs or facility use of DDP depends on exhibition, spaces, form of lease, and the category of visitors. In case of an admission fee, it generally costs 8,000 won for normal ticket and 4,000 KRW for discounted ticket. But visitors can buy package tickets that offer inexpensive chance to experience diverse programs. Design Lab, Dulegil, the park, Designer’s Lounge are opened for free.

    Discounts are available for adolescents, children, aged 65 or older, patriots and veterans, the disabled with 4~6 degree, and group visitors of 20 and more members. All the programs and exhibitions are free for infants under three year old, men of national merit, the disabled with 1~3 degree, national guests and members of diplomatic corps