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  • DDP Design Fair, Korea’s largest design business launching show

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    • DDP Design Fair will be held both online and offline from Oct 19 (Tue) to 25(Mon)
    • A total of 106 new trending products are presented for the first time after being developed for five months by the collaboration of small business owners and designers.
    • Various programs such as the Design Business Seminar, Young Designer Job Fair, Activities, etc. are to be held.

    The ‘2021 DDP Design Fair, Korea’s largest design business launching show, will be held both online and offline from Oct.19 (Tue) to 25 (Mon).

    The Seoul Design Foundation(CEO Lee Kyung Don) started the (DDP Design Fair) as a project to support collaborative work by bridging small business owners and young designers to help revitalize the manufacturing industry of Seoul and create jobs in the design field. This year is its 3rd annual event.

    This years fair opens both online and offline under the theme of “Wonderful Life, the beauty in everyday life makes our lives much happier. As part of a new design trend, the DDP Design Fair proposes a way to decorate our lives beautifully and find happiness during such a difficult time our global community is facing due to COVID-19

    Last year, the DDP Design Fair was held online due to the sudden outbreak of the pandemic but still received a great response with more than 300,000 accesses by establishing a DB that enables the pairing of designers and small businesses owners

    New products reflecting design trends can even be seen from home in this year’s event through online and offline exhibitions. In addition, along with the establishment of an online DB for a virtuous cycle of the design industry, offline exhibitions will be held where visitors can experience new trending products that reflect the life changes due to COVID-19 and astounding products related to single furniture, pets, home offices, and that are environmental-friendly

    Various products that reflect our changing lifestyle will be introduced. “The Butterfly (studio PLASTIC X Jh Studio) which is a chaise made by 3D printing technology, designed to fit your body shape and leading the trend of hyper-personalization. “Workshop Stool(STUDIO PESI X PAPER POP),” which is the corrugated cardboard paper furniture that can reduce furniture waste and “Pipe Stand (makemake X Hwangduck Engineering Co., Ltd),” which is designed for those who work from home due to COVID-19.

    In particular, visitors can learn about the shared experiences of designers and small business owners, such as their collaboration stories and product development episodes, through scanning each product’s QR codes at the offline exhibition halls.

    Visitors can learn about products through a more vivid experience by learning about the stories of each designer and manufacturing small business owner, along with the product development process and related episodes.

    DDP Brand Products showcasing the creative ideas of young designers will also be unveiled. Their astounding ideas for the future of Seoul will be realized as actual products through the event and will be sold at the DDP Design Store starting from the end of this year, along with other products that have shown excellence at the DDP Design Fair.

    Representative design experts in Korea, including Sung Jung Gi(Director of Daylight) and Song Bong Kyu(CEO of BKID) participated as mentors and implemented ideas on various topics such as eco-friendly consumption and home economy.

    As the offline exhibition opens for the first time in two years, new contents stand out. The event centers on the ▲ Collaboration Hall, where small and medium-sized manufacturers and designers collaborate and present new products. The DDP Design Fair further develops as the nation’s largest design business launching show through the presentation of the ▲ Launching Hall, where small and medium-sized design studios present new products, ▲ Trend Hall, where a future visionary of design is presented by linking corporate social values with design values, and the ▲ DDP Design Market, which can only be experienced during event days.

    The ▲ Collaboration Hall introduces new products from 106 collaborative teams of small business owners and designers, presenting the possibility of design. This year, in particular, materials companies manufacturing concrete, paper, and plastic and various designers have collaborated and formed a Concept Room of new produet launches that go under the theme of a unified concept.

    The ▲ Launching Hall introduces new products from 64 small and medium-sized studios that represent the present of the design industry, Small and medium-sized design studios will showcase new products on home dining, kitchen, pet, gardening, and outdoor, focusing on developments that will bring happiness during the pandemic days spent at home and for independent lifestyles.

    The ▲ Trend Hall, joined by nine leading design trend companies such as coway, SATURN BATH, and NAAVA, is a space where you can meet the future of design. NAAVA, a solution company for air purification through plants, realizes a space under the concept of forest air shower, where you can enjoy the fresh air as if you are forest bathing at your own place. Likewise, it presents an overall lifestyle trend by presenting the concept of Design Thinking, which contains the brand’s unique design values, apart from the traditional purposes of exhibitions of product promotion.

    The ▲ DDP Design Market is an exclusive market curated by the DDP Design Store, which leads the lifestyle of Seoul, where you can meet a variety of design products that add happiness to your everyday life.

    In addition to the exhibition, more programs have been added for citizens to participate. The ▲ Buyer Consulting Fair empowers design companies to expand sales channels, ▲ DDP Design Fair Seminar will raise new topics in the design business and trends, ▲ DDP Young Designer Job Fair Employment Consulting Program will help solve the youth designers’ struggles regarding employment, ▲ DDP Best Design Award will vote for and select the best design product of the year, and various ▲ Activity Programs will be held, including practical ones to guide every participant including the younger generation, small business owners, designers, and citizens

    The ▲ Buyer Consulting Fair opens on the first day of the opening on Oct 19th (Tue). Buyers from more than 100 distributors of various fields such as department stores, marts, select shops, malls, etc., have shown great interest in the event. Although it is the very first program held during the (DDP Design Fair), it is highly anticipated to serve as an opportunity to raise the industrial values of design through new contents.

    The ▲ DDP Design Fair Seminar will be held at the exhibition hall from Oct 22nd (Fri) to the 23-d (Sat) under the themes of design marketing and design trends, aligning with the overall concept of the DDP Design Fair itself. Topies such as (Cireular Economy), (Color Trends), (Living Trends), and (Career Trends) will be discussed, and the seminar video will be released through DDP’s and DDP Design Fair’s official YouTube channel.

    The ▲ DDP Young Designer Job Fair Employment Consulting Program provides 1:1 career consulting from experts and mock interviews for Design majors at Art Hall 1 Considering COVID-19 regulations, the program will be held through a pre-registration system. The program provides free solutions for a successful employment journey, including diagnoses on individual strengths, establishing a career road map, advice on cover letters, etc. It is an opportunity for potential young designers

    The ADDP Best Design Award, held during the exhibition, will award 7 products among the 162 teams of small business owners and designers. Award winners will be decided by the total scores from the curators, citizens, and design experts. The selected teams for this year’s DDP Best Design Award will receive support for the opportunity to present their products at the DDP Design Store along with 6 million won and opportunities for promotional events through various PR channels.

    ▲ Activity Programs are held at the Oullim Square along with SuperBin, a participating company. Limited products during the DDP Design Fair will be provided to citizens who bring transparent containers that can be collected in SuperBin’s artificial intelligence recycling system “Nephron.” The DDP Design Fair plans to provide an opportunity where visitors can vividly experience the virtuous circles for environmental sustainability.

    In addition, visitors visiting DDP Design Fair’s exhibitions can engage in various interactive events, such as NAAVA’s ‘Forest Air Shower’ experience, SNS events, NOUHAUS Garden experience, etc.

    Lee Gil Hyung(Chairman of the Korean Federation of Design Associations), Chief Director of the DDP Design Fair, said, “The DDP Design Fair will be a venue to increase industrial value with future businesses and new contents led by the design industry. We look forward to expanding global exchanges regarding various contents based on domestic and foreign networks and establishing international channels.”

    For more information on the ‘2021 DDP Design Fair, please visit the official website (www.ddpdesignfair.or.kr) or Instagram page

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