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  • Dasan Plaza offers high-quality administration services for citizens

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    Dasan Plaza, a one-stop service center named after a pen name of Jeong Yak-yong, a leading Korean philosopher in the late Joseon Dynasty who is known for his practical ideology for humanity, integrity, and creativity, celebrated its third anniversary on April 10. In the wake of the third anniversary, Dasan Plaza surveyed the level of satisfaction with its services and trumpeted its achievements. Over the past three years, more than 540,000 citizens visited Dasan Plaza and the customer-satisfaction rate rose to 91.8 percent from 81 percent. That means Dasan Plaza solidified its status as a place for public administration services for citizens.

    ◆ Identification check shortened to one day from three days

    To enhance a customer-oriented public administration service, Dasan Plaza has continued to quicken the service process and Internet-based application services. In particular, the processing time for an identification check, which is essential for a citizen to make an application for civil affairs, was shortened to one day from three days as Dasan Plaza streamlined the identification check process.

    ◆ Unique services at Dasan Plaza 

    –  Appointment-based service

    For the first time in Korea, Dasan Plaza introduced the appointment-based service, allowing a citizen to make an appointment with a consultant at the plaza. Over the past three years, a daily average of 80 citizens visit the plaza by making an appointment with a consultant at a time and date set by the citizens, and they received consulting services on administrative affairs, including free legal consultations.

    –  Convenient facilities for women and people with disabilities

    At Dasan Plaza, there are a consulting room, a wireless Internet zone, and a machine that issues various certificates. In June last year, the plaza added a women-only consulting room. In addition, there are video telephones for the hearing-impaired people and screen readers on laptop computers for visually-impaired people

    –  ‘Children-only restroom’ at Seoul City Hall

    In August last year, Seoul City renovated restrooms at Seoul City Hall and opened a family restroom, a children-only restroom and a “powder room” for the public. The children-only restroom is used by children assisted by their parents.

    – Officials armed with kindness

    Officials at Dasan Plaza meet citizens in a spirit of kindness. They greet citizens with a smile and treat them as customers, sitting only after a citizen customer has taken a seat. Also, assistants trained in customer satisfaction helps with everything a customer needs until the customer leaves the plaza. Monitoring by “mystery shoppers” and a system of receiving feedback from users are some of the ways the Dasan Plaza seeks to improve its services.

    ◆ At 120 Dasan Call Center, consultation calls to top 15 million, satisfaction rate reaches 90.5%

    Meanwhile, the number of consultation calls handled by the 120 Dasan Call Center was expected to surpass 15 million calls on April 12, about three years and three months after the one-stop call center started its service in January 2007. According to a survey, 90.5 percent of users said they were satisfied with the services by the Dasan Call Center, citing its accurate, fast information; consultations anytime and anywhere; active consultations; and consultation services via short text messages.