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  • For Dangerous Night, Operate “Ansimi” App

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    Celebrating International Women’s Day on March 8, Seoul Metropolitan Government released a safety policy for women, “Women’s safety metropolitan city 2.0.”

    The safety policy features expanded and reinforced the infrastructure of “Women safety metropolitan city” such as safe parcel service and safe back home scout which have been implemented since 2013, and many other cities and provinces have benchmarked along with the world’s attention. Also the policy is elaborated with the latest smart technology and newly added with a policy for reinforcing women’s identity.

    First of all, Seoul plans to develop “Ansimi (tentative name)” app in September 2016, a 24-hour smart one-stop security network where smart technology, CCTV and the integrated control centers of the autonomous districts are connected together. It is one-stop system that detects danger around women and supports the rescue by combining smart technology and the previous infrastructure.

    If a user operates “Ansimi app” when returning home at midnight or feeling danger such as stalking, the user’s location will be displayed on the operation board at the integrated control center for each autonomous district. When actual emergency happens and the user pushes her cell phone button, the real scenes will be filmed on her phone and sent to the integrated control center with other information such as the images taken by near CCTV, the app user’s photos and contact numbers.

    After closely observing the users’ locations on the operation board, staff at the control center will convert to ‘emergency’ and promptly take measures such as requesting rescue crews along with police staying in the center when danger that could lead to a real crime is identified.

    In particular, Seoul expects this app useful even in some other emergencies such as violence in blind spots of CCTV or other emergencies such as disasters. Additionally, after test-operations in five autonomous districts in 2016, the city plans to expand the use of the app across all autonomous districts.

    Seoul also plans to work on preventing and assisting dating violence for the first time among all the local governments. Mainly, in July 2016, the city will newly establish and operate “dating violence counselling call center” and employ three professionals with know-how on dating violence counselling to provide advice about the diagnosis and coping methods to it. In addition, the city plans to provide services connected to legal and medical support for the victims of dating violence.

    ☎ Inquiry: Women’s Policy Office (Call 02-2133-5009)