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  • ‘Daeboreum Festival, Walking on Seoullo,’ the First Local Festival Created by Citizens of the Urban Regeneration District

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  • ‘Daeboreum Festival, Walking on Seoullo,’ the First Local Festival Created by Citizens of the Urban Regeneration District

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    2019년 2월 17일(일) 오후 3시 ~ 7시 놀러오세요 대보름 축제, 서울로 밟기 장소 : 서울로 7017 및 만리동광장 일대

    Two days prior to Daeboreum, or the first full moon on the lunar calendar, on Feb. 17 (Sun), Seoul will celebrate the ‘Daeboreum Festival, Walking on Seoullo’ event from 15:00-19:00 at ‘Seoullo’ and ‘Malli-dong Square’ to the area around Seoul Station where citizens will plan and take part in the event.

    This festival will feature various traditional experiential events. ‘Treading the Daeboreum Bridge’ event will be held on the street from Magnolia Square to Rose Stage where citizens can drive out bad luck of the year and wish for health and longevity.

    At Magnolia Square will be Daeboreum experience booths with ‘Bureom kkaegi (Crunching Nuts) experience,’ ‘Gwibalgisul (ear-quickening wine) tasting’ and ‘Yeotchigi (taffy making experience)’ for all citizens to take part in. The ear-quickening wine tasting, which is believed to enhance hearing and bring good tidings throughout the year, will be performed with traditionally made wine by ‘Namchon Resident Group,’ composed of residents of Hoehyeon-dong.

    Citizens will be able to participate in ‘bokjori (lucky bag) experience,’ which is a reenactment of the custom of hanging ‘lucky bags’ in houses at the first full moon of the lunar year in the past. There will also be participatory ‘lucky bag making’ and ‘wish writing’ programs for families and children.

    At Malli-dong Square, ‘Daeboreumdal,’ or the first full moon of the lunar calendar, will be exhibited for citizens’ appreciation, and experiential events involving ‘tteok maechigi,’ ‘jwibul nori,’ and ‘ganggangsullae’ will be held in the vicinity of the square to add to the excitement of Jeongwol Daeboreum (Great Full Moon Day), or the 15th day of the lunar calendar.

    □ Event Programs

    Event Programs
    Time Event Program Venue
    15:00-17:00  – Treading the Daeboreum bridge Seoullo
    – Bureom kkaegi (Crunching Nuts) experience
    – Gwibalgisul (ear-quickening wine) tasting
    – Yeotchigi (taffy making)
    Seoullo Magnolia Square
    – Tasting Booth 1
    – Experience Booth 2
    – Bokjori, bokjumeoni making (lucky bag, lucky bag making) Seoullo Rose Stage
    -Experience Booth 1
     – Traditional nori (jegi chagi, tuho, yut nori) Malli-dong Square
    15:00-15:30 – Pungmulpae gilnori (Korean folk music band street performance) Seoullo – Malli-dong Square
    15:00-17:00 – Tteok maechigi (hitting the rice cake dough with a wooden mallet) Malli-dong Square
    – Experience Booth 2
    – Operations Headquarters 1
    17:00-19:00 – Jwibul nori (traditional Korean game of fireplay on paddies and fields to exterminate harmful insects)
    18:30-19:00 – Ganggangsullae (traditional Korean circle dance play)