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  • Customized Korean-language program to begin in March

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    Children from abroad or from a multicultural home can learn the Korean language or Korea’s culture anywhere, at their convenience, as part of Seoul City’s agenda to make the city a nice place to live in for foreigners.

    Customized Korean-Language Class, Multicultural Academy

    Seoul City said the initial step calls for providing “customized, direct-visit Korean-language lessons” for up to 200 families in their homes or any other convenient venue. Children between 3 and 12, along with their mothers of a foreign nationality, are eligible for the language program. The number of eligible families will expand to 2,500 by 2013, Seoul City added.

    The program will take place from March to December, and the one-on-one customized language lessons will be provided once a week. The cultural educational program to be offered by Seoul City features the provision of an educational program magazine published once a month, progress evaluation conducted twice a year, and a special Korean society and culture presentation held once a year. Seoul City said the program focuses on the practical aspects necessary for adapting to Korean society.

    A major advantage of the “direct-visit Korean-language program” is that children can learn Korean together with their mothers, Seoul City highlighted. It also stressed that such a system is also aimed at guiding the mothers towards better helping their children undergo the learning process.

    Those families interested in the direct-visit educational program can register online through the Seoul City homepage or through other websites, such as the Seoul Global Center, Global Center, Village Center, and the Korea Migrants’ Center. An alternative is to register by calling the Bridge Call Center on 1588-1109.