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  • Culture Project for Comforting Exhausted Citizens

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    Seoul will be operating the “Soothing with Culture” project to comfort citizens who are suffering from the continuous COVID-19 situation and rainy season.
    The “Soothing with Culture” project will be comprised of five programs, including ① a traveling performance, ② permanent small-scale performance, ③ citizens invitational performance, ④ night opening of museums and art museums as well as traveling exhibitions, and ⑤ campaign to cheer up citizens and psychological counseling services.
    ① Traveling performance
    “Customized performances” will be provided for citizens who send in their personal stories and “balcony concerts” will be held in places, such as the playgrounds in apartment complexes, to allow citizens to enjoy from their verandas or by the window. The “heart disinfection trucks” will amuse citizens in the audiences throughout Seoul with performances held on the stage on the vehicle starting in August. “Traveling performances” will be offered to citizens who are chosen by lottery after sending in their stories along with the performance they want to see and the reason. Starting on August 6 (Thurs.), any citizen can apply on the Seoul Culture Portal (culture.seoul.go.kr) or the website of the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Drop-by application is also available in the lobby of the Seoul Metropolitan Library.
    ② Permanent small-scale performance
    Permanent small-scale performances of a guerilla style will take place in over 20 outdoor spaces, including Donuimun Museum Village, Seoul Botanic Park, Garden 5, and Ttukseom Hangang Park. Unexpected cultural performances in unexpected venues will be provided to heal citizens’ hearts.
    ③ Citizens invitational performance
    Citizens invitational performances of various genres will take place in a diverse variety of places, including Seoul Station, Seoul Citizens Hall, and Sejong Center for Performing Arts. Citizens will be able to enjoy the performances at low to no prices. Some of the performances require online reservation.
    ④ Night opening of museums and art museums as well as traveling exhibitions
    Citizens can also richly benefit from the night opening of museums and art museums as well as the traveling exhibitions. “Museum Night,” a night program of the museums operated by the city of Seoul that reopened starting on July 22 (Weds.), will include concerts, theater plays, and film screenings. The Seoul Museum of History will be operating the “Friday Cinema” every week and the Bukseoul Museum of Art will be hosting the “2020 Seoul Photo Festival.”
    The city will continue to provide practical support to citizens who are suffering from “corona blues” (depression caused by COVID-19). Counseling services are available via the Mental Health Hotline at 1577-0199, local Mental Health Welfare Centers, and Seoul Psychological Support Center.

    Main Programs of “Soothing with Culture”

    Soothing with Culture
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    Traveling Performance ○ A program that receives song requests from citizens and offers performances in a requested location
    – Application: Stories received starting on August 6 (Thurs.) (online application on the website of SMG, drop-by application in the lobby of the Seoul Metropolitan Library)
    – Operation: Visits from performance teams or operation of “Heart Disinfection Truck” for traveling performances
    – Schedule: August 18 (Tues.) at Seonam Hospital / August 28 (Fri.) at Seoul Narae School
    ※ Aside from the traveling performances corresponding to citizens’ stories, planned performances will take place at hospitals and schools.
    ○ A program that offers permanent small-scale performances at unexpected places in Seoul
    – Participation of 1,200 plus teams, including Seoul 365 Street Performance Teams, gugak performance teams, and other artists who have been struck by COVID-19
    – Starting on August 5 (Wed.) at places including Donuimun Museum Village, Garden 5, and Guro G Valley
    ○ A program to invite citizens to various places where performances take place
    – Invitation of citizens to over 150 performances at Seoul Station, Seoul Citizens Hall, Sejong Center for Performing Arts, and more
    & Art Galleries
    ○ “Museum Night” program for museums and art galleries that stay open in the night
    – Hours of operation extended until 9:00 p.m. on Wednesdays and Fridays starting on August 14 (Fri.)
    – Various cultural events; not only exhibitions but concerts, theater plays, and films
    ○ Exhibition program of rising artists’ artwork that visits citizens’ living spaces
    – Artwork displayed in places that citizens want, including major public spaces like hospitals and subway stations
    Campaign to Cheer Up Citizens ○ Pink lighting at night to send messages to cheering up citizens
    – Using lighting of major facilities including Seoul City Hall and Yanghwadaegyo Bridge starting on August 24 (Mon.)
    ○ Cheering-up Song Campaign with “Pinkfong Baby Shark,” honorary ambassador of Seoul
    – “Thank You Song” played on social media, YouTube, intra-city bus TVs starting in July
    Heart Disinfection ○ Operation of counseling services for overcoming Corona Blues
    – Phone & face-to-face counseling service via Mental Health Hotline (1577-0199), Seoul Psychological Support Center
    ※ More than 25,000 counseling sessions have been offered since February
    – If additional counseling is necessary, up to KRW 80,000 is offered as support for the check-up fee at psychological centers
    ※ 1,425 individuals received support as of May this year
    – “Online Psychological Disinfection Platform” (working name) will be operated starting in September

    ※ Details including monthly schedule and others are available on Seoul Culture Portal (culture.seoul.go.kr).