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  • Cultural events calendar (February 2013)

  • Monthly Event Calendar SMG 2212

    Cultural events calendar (February 2013)

    Event Date Location Description Information
    Making my own 2013 Hangeul tree Feb. 19 ~ 28 (Tuesday through Friday)
    2:00~3:20 PM / 4:00~5:20 PM
    Sejong Story Exhibition center A session for teaching Hangeul (Korean alphabet)-related theory and design to a small number of second ~ fifth graders
    (participation fee: 2,000 won)
    Lunar New Year Feb. 9 ~ 11 11:00 AM ~ 5:00 PM Namsangol Hanok Village Introduction of the country’s traditional customs related to the Lunar New Year, holding a session wherein participants enjoy themselves 2266-6923~4
    Lunar January 15 in Bukchon Dec. 22, 2012 ~
    Feb. 11, 2013
    Bukchon Traditional Culture Center
    • Hands-on experience of the country’s traditional culture (e.g., making kites and bokjori or jisin babgi)
      (participation fee: 5,000 won)
    • Sharing Daeboreum (full moon) food (no participation fee)
    Hands-on experience of the country’s traditional culture Jan. 1 ~ Mar. 5 10:00 AM ~ 6:00 PM Traditional Culture Hands-on Experience Center, Seoul Seoul Folk Flea Market , Sinseol-dong
      • Operating 14 programs (i.e., making dices and yut nori board; hanji lantern bird; lamp shade, clay jokduri, jokduri, Hahoeta (mask), Bunetal(mask), necklaces featuring traditional patterns, cell phone strings, fridge magnets, etc.)