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  • Cultural Activities of Seollal (Korean Lunar New Year) You Can Enjoy in Seoul

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    This information will introduce the cultural activities that visitors and citizens of Seoul can enjoy during the holiday of Seollal, Korean Lunar New Year’s holiday.

    There will be special operations for the visitors who want to make special memories at Hangang River during the holiday. After watching a romantic acoustic guitar performance on board, they can fly kites and experience the “Winter Story Cruise” that deserves to be enjoyed.

    When visiting Hangang Park during the Korean New Year’ s holiday, anyone can enjoy the traditional experiences and games for free. In the 11 areas of Hangang Park, visitors can enjoy various traditional games including Yutnori, Neolttwigi, etc.

    Hangang Cruise Ship
    Play Neolttwigi Play Tuho


    From January 27th to January 30th, the “2017 Seollal Feast at Unhyeongung Palace” will be held in the Unhyeongung Palace, aiming to greet New Year’s day, Seollal which, is one of the most special holidays for Korean people, and to pray for the well-being of all the citizens throughout the year.

    • “2017 Seollal Feast at Unhyeongung Palace “
    • ❍ Period: 2017 Jan. 27th (Fri) – Jan. 30th (Mon) (4 days)
    • ❍ Time : 11AM – 5PM
    • ❍ Place : Around Unhyeongung Palace
    • ❍ Main Program
      ‣ New Year’s performance of gukak, Korean classical music
      ‣ Write a wish letter for New Year, Make the New Year’s Talisman
      ‣ Experience traditional folk games such as Yutnori and Jaegichagi play & experience traditional costumes
      ‣ Share Tteokguk, Korean traditional rice-cake soup
    • ❍ Admission: Free admission, separate fee for traditional costume experience
    • ❍ Inquiry: Website of Unhyeongung Palace www.unhyeongung.or.kr (02-766-9090)
    ▲ Write a Wish Letter for New Year ▲ Write a Wish Letter for New Year
    ▲ Make the New Year’s Talisman ▲ Play Yutnori