Winning Works of Global Content Contest to Support for Overcoming COVID-19

From last April 8 to May 22, the Seoul Metropolitan Government has opened a global content contest under the theme of 'Overcoming COVID-19 Together With the Citizens'. With a lot of interest from home and abroad, more than 600 videos and images were applied and 48 works out of them have been selected through online voting and screening.

Grand Prize-Winning Work

Adieu, COVID-19” produced by Show Design Group


Gold Prize-Winning Work

Miracle of 0 (Zero) Confirmed Cases” produced by Kim A-reum

Silver Prize-Winning Work

Life in Korea During the Coronavirus” produced by David Robbins

Encouraging Song of Hope: Together” produced by medical student Kim Hyun Soo

Bronze Prize-Winning Work

Hope Lives in Us” produced by Padak Studio

The Vaccine of Togetherness” produced by Oh Sang-woo

COVID-19, You’re Nothing” produced by Ahn Brothers


Gold Prize-Winning Work

A Safe Route that Protects Us” produced by Kim Seo-hui

Silver Prize-Winning Work

2M, a Distance Where We Can Laugh” produced by Kim Hyun-ah

Our Hero” produced by Han Ji-min

Bronze Prize-Winning Work

Thank you” produced by Kim Hyun-ah

No One Knows” produced by Kim Hyun-ah

Ding-dong Ditch” produced by Kim Hyun-ah