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  • How is the record of COVID-19 vaccination managed?
    ◌ The record of COVID-19 vaccination is entered into the system by the institutions that administer the vaccination (vaccination centers or consigned medical institutions), and the Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency will manage the vaccination record database. Those who have been vaccinated do not have to report his or her vaccination.
  • How can I get a certificate when vaccination is completed?
    ◌ Like the national vaccination program, the COVID-19 vaccination certificate can be issued online through the vaccination assistant website ( or the Government 24 (
  • How do I apply if I want to get the vaccination?
    ◌ We will inform each vaccination target when vaccination is available.

    ◌ You will be able to make a reservation online on the website for vaccination information or by phone through the call center (1339).

    ◌ We will announce the details for the vaccination reservation schedule after the plan is announced.
  • How do I know if I am a target for the vaccination? When and where I will get vaccinated?
    ◌ There are targets for the vaccination for each time period.

    △ For priority targets for vaccination who will be vaccinated starting in February, the institution and date of vaccination will be confirmed for each individual.

    △For general targets who will be vaccinated starting in the third quarter, we will announce when vaccination is available for each vaccination target. The location and date of vaccination will be confirmed through reservations on the website or via phone to the call center.

    ◌ The location and date of vaccination will be announced through text message or the national secretary service. You can also confirm the reservation by contacting the call center.