How to Make COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Online

◈ COVID-19 vaccination appointments can be made online through the COVID-19 vaccination reservation system website (, accessible on PC and mobile devices. There are two steps to the process.

□ How to Make COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Online

How to Make COVID-19 Vaccination Appointment Online
① Verify identity next ② Enter personal information next ③ Confirm appointment next ④ Send the appointment information
Mobile phone or joint certificate (공동인증서) Select date and time and hospital/clinic Confirm appointment detail You can check appointment detail or cancel your appointment online.

○ Step 1 (Enter appointment information )

Step 1 (Enter appointment information )

① Verify your identity

  • - Select one of the five ways to verify your identity.
  • - ① Naver certificate, ② Kakao certificate, ③ PASS, ④ Joint Certificate, ⑤ Mobile phone verification.
    ※ Check expiration date of certificate to make sure it is valid

② Enter personal information

  • - After verifying your identity, enter your name, resident registration (foreigner registration) number, and mobile phone number and click the ‘Check Eligibility’ button.
  • - After checking eligibility, select the medical institution and appointment date and time, and click the “Reserve (or Make Appointment)“ button

○ Step 2 (Notice of completed appointment)

 Step 2 (Notice of completed appointment)

① Appointment notification screen

  • - In Step 2, you can check the your appointment details that you entered in step 1.

② Send appointment information to mobile phone

  • - You can send your appointment details to your mobile phone. You can check orcancel the appointment by verifying your identity with name, resident registration number/alien registration number, or appointment number in the ‘Appointment Inquiry/Cancellation’ menu on the website.

※ You can log onto the appointment system on the date that corresponds to the last digit of your date of birth according to your resident registration number or alien registration number.
※ If you are not registered with the National Health Insurance, you will need to choose a nearby Vaccination Center for your appointment.
※ Please arrive on time for your vaccine appointment.
※ If you have any questions about COVID-19 vaccination, please contact Korea Disease Control and Prevention Agency (KDCA) at ☎ 1339 or each local government’s COVID-19 vaccination call center*
* To check the phone number of your local government’s COVID-19 vaccination call center, visit NIP website -> Click ’Make a vaccine appointment (사전예약 바로가기)’ -> Click ’Notice (알림마당)’ -> ‘Call center information (콜센터 안내)' 【Korean only】