COVID-19 Vaccination Program (Q1)

COVID-19 Vaccination Program
Category 1. Nursing hospital and facilities, etc. 2. High-risk medical institution workers
(health care workers)
3. COVID-19 frontline response personnel 4. COVID-19 treatment hospital workers
Target ▸ About 272,000 persons
* Residents under 65 and workers
•Nursing hospitals
•Nursing facilities for the elderly
•Mental rehabilitation facilities
▸ About 352,000 persons
•General hospitals
•General hospitals
▸ About 78,000 persons
•119 emergency service
•Epidemiological survey and quarantine personnel
•Sample collection, testing, transfer, and experiment
•Others related to disinfection
▸ About 55,000 persons
•Hospitals dedicated to infectious disease
•Hospitals dedicated to regional control
•Hospitals operating sickbeds for serious patients
•Community treatment centers
Schedule Registration of targets (until Feb. 16)
- Modification & supplement (until Feb. 19)
Decision on on-site schedule and delivery (Feb. 25)
Vaccination (Feb. 26)
- 1st phase (Feb.–Mar.); 2nd phase (Apr.–May)
Registration of targets (until Feb. 18)
- Modification & supplement (until Feb. 28)
Establishment of delivery plan (Mar. 7)
Vaccination (Mar. 8)
- 1st phase (Mar.); 2nd phase (May)
•Announcement to targets (until Feb. 15)
•Confirming targets (until Feb. 23)
•Walk-in scheduling and delivery (until Mar. 3)
Vaccination (Mar.)
- 1st phase (Mar.); 2nd phase (May)
Registration of targets (until Feb. 15)
- Modification & supplement (D-7)
Decision on walk-in schedule and delivery (D-3)
- (Week 1) Central center
- (Week 2) Regional centers
- (Afterward) Independent
Method of vaccination Independent vaccinations at hospitals with attending doctor
On-site vaccinations at nursing facilities for the elderly
* Consigned medical institutions, public health center on-site teams, contracted facility doctors
- Walk-in vaccinations at public health center available for depending on the situation
•Independent vaccinations at medical institutions Walk-in vaccinations at public health center Independent vaccinations at hospitals
- Hospital with more than 120 persons
Walk-in vaccinations at vaccinations centers
- Hospital with less than 120 persons
- Hospitals whose members want to visit a vaccination center
Vaccine AstraZeneca Pfizer

※ The vaccination schedule (scheduled Feb.–Mar.) for AstraZeneca, an international vaccine provider, will be confirmed after the confirmation of the domestic supply schedule.