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  • COVID-19 Outbreak: Why the Whole World is Watching South Korea

  • Issue / Project SMG 2933
    Global news media and many experts have applauded Korea for its response to contain COVID-19. Under the principle of “The most efficient cure of infectious diseases is transparency and speed,” the Seoul Metropolitan Government has operated the 24-hour quarantine countermeasures from the early stages of COVID-19.
    Watch the video and check out how Seoul is dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.
    Original video source : https://youtu.be/_4SpxkUVHVc

    [Video script]

    (Wonsoon Park, Mayor of Seoul)
    COVID-19 is greatly affecting our lives.
    Meanwhile, I believe the whole world is currently witnessing how great the people of the Republic of Korea are.

    Carolyn B. Maloney, democrat and chair of the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform / US Congressional hearing on COVID-19 (Mar. 11)
    South Korea has now tested more than 196,000 people, but we aren’t even close to that.
    How did South Korea test so many people so quickly? Why did it take so long?

    Matt McCarthy, doctor and author of “Superbugs”
    CNBC Interview (Mar. 3)
    They are testing 10,000 a day in some countries and we can’t get this off the ground.
    The modeling we are using; we are using data out of Korea. We think that’s the best.

    NBC NEWS (Mar. 11)
    Similar numbers to Italy and Iran. The death toll here is much lower.
    At least some success, they think, is because of the vast amount of testing. More than 200,000 people tested in this country already.”

    Ivan Watson / CNN (Mar. 3)
    “South Korea has more diagnosed cases of coronavirus than any other country outside of mainland China”
    -“We’re going to take a look at an innovative technique [South Korea is using for quick diagnosis of coronavirus]”

    (Wonsoon Park, Mayor of Seoul)
    When it comes to infectious diseases, I believe the most important principle is to be transparent and fast. Whenever there is a confirmed case, we investigate the paths of the patient and order the people who came in contact with them to self-isolate.

    (Wonsoon Park, Mayor of Seoul)
    Conducting virus tests faster than in any other country
    and sharing information transparently,
    South Korea’s advanced public health care system is praised as exemplary, internationally.
    This mirrors the objective image of the Republic of Korea and its great citizens.
    We are winning the battle against COVID-19.
    We will cross the river of hardships together
    and undoubtedly recover the lost spring season.
    Seoul will always fight on the front line.
    The Seoul’s vaccine is its citizens, as always.