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  • COVID-19 comfort food: Tteokbokki ranks top

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    In this era of COVID-19, what food brings comfort to our tired and dispirited souls? According to a survey of “Top 10 soothing comfort food” conducted on 10,000 respondents by the Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG), tteokbokki ranked top on the list, followed by fried chicken, kimchi jjigae, pork belly, and samgyetang. Some of the main reasons for the answers were: “It is my mother’s specialty,” and “My mother used to cook this for me.” It is viewed that “mother” and “food” are some of the keywords that comfort our souls.

    The same survey conducted on 50 foreign residents in Seoul showed similar results. The SMG verified that the Korean food we enjoy every day is a good source to target the global market. Hence, it will later on be considered for creating promotional content for international tourists.

    Moreover, the SMG plans to create fun emojis of the top 10 “comfort food,” including tteokbokki and fried chicken, in collaboration with a professional illustrator. Citizens who visit restaurants featured in certain tourism events will be given a chance to download the emojis through KakaoTalk for free. This small gift for visitors will create more excitement in the event.

    Meanwhile, the SMG is preparing a win-win project for tourism zones within Seoul that are strongly affected by COVID-19. During the “Taste of Seoul” event scheduled for Nov. 11–15, the SMG will support packaging systems and eco-friendly lunch box packages to restaurants that do not have to-go or delivery services, in hopes of boosting their sales.

    In addition, different programs to support medical professionals, staff, and volunteer workers who are relentlessly fighting against COVID-19 are to be held soon.

    ○ More information and the overall program can be viewed starting Mon, Oct. 19 via the official “Taste of Seoul” website (https://www.tasteofseoul.visitseoul.net ), Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/tasteofseoul2020), and Instagram (https://www.instagram.com/tasteofseoul2020).