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  • Cooling down at Cheonggyecheon!

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    The temperatures these days in Seoul are getting higher, and enjoying outdoor activities without the threat of melting like strawberry ice cream dripping under the noon time sun is impossible to do unless…you’re at the beach! But since we don’t have a beach in Seoul, walking along the banks of the Han River would be a good idea. The cool breezes by the river and the cooler surroundings provided by this body of water are enough to attract a lot of people to hike, stroll and bike nearby. But during the day, if the river is too far for you, like most people downtown, there’s another natural alternative. The Cheonggye Stream! During the lunch break, office people walk by the stream to stroll and relax during their stressful day, and perhaps, to vent things off about their bosses or their work. Ha-ha-ha! And these office people are always joined by international tourists as the Cheongge-cheon is actually a popular tourist attraction. At night, these office people are replaced by couples and families, who play and enjoy the quieter atmosphere of the stream. With its dim lighting coupled with the sound of the flowing stream, Cheonggye Stream affords its visitors a serene sanctuary right in the middle of the city. So, in this summer, if you want to conserve energy by not overworking your air conditioner (and save money from your electric bill!), you know where to head to. The more interesting route of the stream stretches to about five kilometers. That’s a good, long walk. Just make sure your shoes are comfortable and your company lovable. :-)