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  • Conveniently Check Seoul’s Tap Water Data

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    seoul city water delicious arisu 서울이 만들고 un이 인정한 건강하고 맛있는 서울의 수돗물, 아리수

    Seoul will offer citizens news about water quality through the Arisu app for easier access to tap water information.

    The Arisu app will be available on the Arisu website (http://arisu.seoul.go.kr) starting February 22, 2019, and users can select neighborhoods on the map for water quality information, Arisu’s supply routes and water quality per route, construction information, park water fountain locations, and check water quality in real time.

    The five Arisu information offered include:
    ▴ Regular monthly tap water quality, ▴ the ‘Arisu Supply Route’ that gives information about routes of tap water supply and water quality, ▴ locations of park water fountains and quarterly water quality inspection results, ▴ information on waterworks construction in neighborhoods, and ▴ real-time water quality renewed every hour.