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  • Continuous Ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi to Be Available on Subway Trains

  • SMG 4819


    Seoul Metropolitan Government recently announced its plan to provide ultra-high-speed public Wi-Fi on the trains of the Seoul subway system beginning in 2017. After a trial run slated to begin in January 2017 on Subway Lines 4 and 8, the Wi-Fi service will be made available on the trains of all subway lines in October 2017.

    The Wi-Fi service currently offered on Seoul’s subway system is based on a Wi-Bro network established in 2011. However, the Wi-Fi speed is limited to only 10Mbps, and when user density is high, the speed is limited even further.

    In order to improve this service, Seoul Metropolitan Government will be switching the existing Wi-Bro network to an ultra-high-speed Wi-Fi network, allowing subway passengers with mobile devices to access the Internet without disconnection or speed limitations, even in environments with high user density. The city is also planning to provide a more inclusive telecommunications service by expanding the network to include the immediate surroundings of Seoul’s subways stations.

    The installation of the new network will be completed by December 2016, after which it will be offered as a test service on Subway Lines 4 and 8 from January 2017. In October 2017, the communications network will be offered on all subway lines.