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  • Construction of Jamsil Baseball Stadium Complete for Better Convenience and Safety of Spectators

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    For the upcoming 2019 Korea Baseball Organization (KBO) League’s opening game at Jamsil Baseball Stadium on March 23, the Seoul Sports Facilities Management Center invested approximately KRW 2.8 billion towards extensive construction of stadium facilities for the comfort and safety of citizens with the plan to unfold the ‘Clean Campaign’ for a mature spectator culture at Jamsil Baseball Stadium throughout the 2019 KBO season.

    First, the Management Center removed old grass and completed improvement work on the field for better performance of the players.

    Old lamps and stabilizers of Jamsil Baseball Stadium Outfield Lighting Tower were replaced to increase the intensity of illumination and guarantee safety for a pleasant baseball-viewing environment. Furthermore, 60 additional CCTVs were installed inside and outside of the stadium as a means of securing citizen safety and preventing terrorism.

    The Management Center also completely replaced around 6,000 seats near the first and third bases for spectators to allow for more pleasant and safe enjoyment of baseball games, and the old iron railings on the second floor and middle floor were changed to tempered glass while the seat aisles and stair floors were repaired to prevent accidents and improve the external view of the stadium.

    To create a pleasant baseball viewing culture, the Management Center will implement the ‘Clean Campaign’ inside and outside of the stadium on March 26 (Tue) in cooperation with Songpa Police Station and other related organizations so as to enforce strict control of illegal ticket trading, street vendors, and excessive smoking and drinking.

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