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  • Construction of ‘Hanyangdoseong On-site Museum’ to Begin in January

  • Urban Planning News SMG 1912

    Seoul will preserve the site of the Hanyangdoseong City Wall that was revealed through a two-year excavation in its original form to construct the ‘Hanyangdoseong On-site Museum’ of 43,630 ㎡. Construction began in January, and the museum is scheduled to be completed by the end of the year to open to citizens and local and overseas visitors in February 2020.

    The ‘Hanyangdoseong On-site Museum’ will offer a vivid experience of the fortification technology, excavation and preservation processes of Hanyangdoseong together with historical traces of 600 years at the foot of Hoehyeon of Namsan Mountain from the Joseon period to the Japanese occupation and the modern times. The city will preserve the excavated city walls and old site in its entirety and original form to build an on-site museum with minimal facilities comprising the permanent protective facility and observation deck.

    An optimal viewing course for easy access will be formed, and the permanent protective facility will be installed with pillars and semi-transparent, lightweight roofs with no exterior walls. This is intended to wholly protect the site while minimizing damage of the Namsan Mountain landscape. A landscaping project suitable to the vegetation of Namsan Mountain will also be realized.
    Seoul consulted with experts of various fields from the designing stage and regarding the cultural property to preserve and maintain the discovered site in its original form. The city also held discussions about facility size, form, materials and more that will satisfy both site preservation and an optimal viewing environment.

    At the small exhibition center will be an exhibit of remains and models that show the past and present of Hanyangdoseong and foot of Hoehyeon of Namsan Mountain, old documentary photos of Namsan Botanical Garden, and various excavated relics.

    Construction of ‘Hanyangdoseong On-site Museum’ to Begin in January
    Before (image) and after (image) construction of the On-site Museum
    Before (image) and after (image) construction of the On-site Museum
    Before construction After construction
    Before construction After construction