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  • Comprehensive measures for HanyangDoseong Green Transportation Promotion Zone Announced

  • Press Releases SMG 770
    • – Green Transportation Promotion Zone’s vehicle traffic volume to drop 30% by 2030 while doubling use space for Green Transportation users
    • – In 2019, vehicle management system to be enforced such as restricting vehicles with low green rating
    • – Main roads to be reorganized to secure green transportation space in Toegyero, Euljiro, and more

    SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, August 8, 2018 — Starting in 2019, low emission vehicles will be restricted in Seoul, just like Paris and Oslo which are renowned as advanced transportation cities.

    According to the Seoul Metropolitan Government, the comprehensive measures for HanyangDoseong (Seoul City Wall) Green Transportation Promotion Zone have been confirmed by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport’s notification as of August 6, 2018.

    Based on the comprehensive measures, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to reduce vehicle traffic volume by 30 percent in 2030. Meanwhile, green transportation space for walking, bicycling, and public transportation will be doubled.

    Main roads will be reorganized to secure space for green transportation. Within HanyangDoseong, main roads will be allowed up to four lanes and six lanes for bus-only roads with heavy bus traffic. This will help to limit car access while securing space for walking and bicycling.

    In 2018, residents’ opinions will be collected and city designs will be reviewed for areas including Toegyero, Euljiro, and Sejongdaero as these areas will see increased pedestrian volume due to city projects. Starting in 2019, road space constructions will be carried out annually to increase walking space for pedestrians. Also within this year, a bicycle-only road will be installed connecting Jongno, Cheonggyecheon, and Hangang. This will be linked to the road reorganization project which will help to expand bicycle road network within the Green Transportation Promotion Zone.

    In 2019, low emission vehicles will face limited entry into HanyangDoseong. Currently, a vehicle management system which offers real-time management of entry and exit traffic volume is being prepared. During the last half of 2019, a license plate recognition camera will be used to monitor entry and exit roads (41 stations in total) within HanyangDoseong’s Green Transportation Promotion Zone.

    By 2020, traffic congestion fees will be adjusted annually to enhance the causer’s responsibility. Also, large-scale traffic congestion facilities will be closely monitored to encourage voluntary efforts to lessen the use of vehicles. Further, there will be stricter control exercised in areas that suffer from repeated illegal parking problems. Also in the mid-to-long term, public parking lot fees will be adjusted taking inflation rate into consideration.

    The speed limit for main roads will be set to 50km per hour, and 30km per hour for roads with less than two lanes to enhance safety measures for green transportation users. In order to support this, the National Policy Agency’s review of traffic safety facility and installations of safety facility will be completed by end of this year.

    Starting from this November, ten electric buses will be introduced into the transit bus system that operate within the Green Transportation Promotion Zone. By 2020, all shared-cars within HanyangDoseong will be 100 percent electric vehicles, thereby gradually increasing the ratio of eco-friendly vehicles.

    Meanwhile, the Seoul Metropolitan Government is making efforts to increase awareness of the Green Tranportation Zone by creating promotional videos featured on the Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Youtube, blog and more.