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  • Completion of Low Pollution Measures for Management of 30,000 Old Diesel Vehicles in Seoul

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    Main Cause of Particulate Matter! Old diesel vehicles Restriction of the operation of old diesel vehicles for reduction of PM

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) is taking full-scale measures to lower the pollution caused by old vehicles with the Particulate Matter Control Period (from December to March) approaching. During this period, the operation of vehicles with grade 5 emission is restricted.

    On July 6, the SMG announced that it completed the low pollution conversion of 30,000+ old vehicles, including old diesel cars and construction equipment, in the first half of this year. They became either scrapped or equipped with a diesel particulate filter (DPF).

    As the revision of the “Special Act on the Reduction and Management of Fine Dust” was passed in March, the SMG started the pilot operation of the restriction of grade 5 vehicles that lasted until March 31. Starting this December, when the Particulate Matter Control Period restarts, the restriction will be fully conducted with a crackdown on those who violate the measures, being fined KRW 100,000.

    ※ Emergency vehicles or the vehicles for the disabled are exempt from the measures. Additionally, the crackdown will be postponed until the end of the year for the types of vehicles for which the attachable low-emission device is not yet developed.

    The SMG is greatly expanding the low pollution project this year as it expects increasing demands for the project, such as installation of diesel particulate filters or early scrapping of high-emission vehicles. Vehicles equipped with a diesel particulate filter are exempt from the operation restrictions on when highly concentrated particulate matter reduction measures are issued, in the green traffic zones, and under the Seasonal Management of Particulate Matter.
    In order to encourage early scrapping, which has a large influence on improving the air quality, the city has increased the subsidy for those who scrap their car up to KRW 3 million and expanded the target beneficiaries.

    To apply for early scrapping for your vehicle or the installation of a diesel particulate filter, visit the website of the Korea Automobile Environmental Association (http://www.aea.or.kr/new). For inquiries, contact the Vehicle Emissions Control Division of the SMG at +82-2-2133-3653, 3655.