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Introduction to Seoul Friends


Seoul Friends is a publicity initiative of Seoul Metropolitan Government made up of 101 foreigners from 27 countries. Its purpose is to develop a city brand for Seoul that befits its global standing as well as form an international consensus on the authenticity of the Seoul city brand.

Seoul Friends plays an important role in the formation of a global consensus of citizens both in Korea and around the world as part of the process of creating a consistently popular Seoul city brand. It also plays a vital role in publicizing the Seoul city brand through citizen-participatory efforts.

All activities conducted by Seoul Friends are regularly reported through various social media channels, and the online and offline participation of citizens all over the world is actively encouraged.

Seoul Friends also widely distributes foreign language content related to the Seoul city brand via overseas social media channels.

To encourage members, a variety of incentives are offered to those who actively participate in Seoul Friends activities.

We look forward to your enthusiastic participation in Seoul Friends for the development and propagation of a new Seoul city brand.