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X hi seoul iseoulu_full

- By positioning 'Seoul' between 'I' and 'U,' the slogan conveys
   a message that Seoul is a city of coexistence.

- The red dot describes passion while the blue dot symbolizes leisure.

- By combining the Korean consonant ㅇ with the English alphabet O,
  the slogan symbolizes Seoul as a global city that represents the
  Republic of Korea.

X hi seoul seouling_full

- The 'ing' in the slogan refers to the dynamism of Seoul, presenting
  the city as an active city where people coexist.

- The letter 'i,' which is leisurely facing towards the word 'Seoul',
  represents passionate citizens of Seoul.

- The contrast between blue and red symbolizes coexistence rather
  than confrontation.

X hi seoul seoulmate_full

- The slogan conveys a message that Seoul is a soulmate who you
  feel relaxed and comfortable with.

- The combination of alphabet 'e' and 'o' symbolizes Seoul as a city of

- Also, the combination of 'e' and 'o' allows the slogan to be perceived
  as 'soulmate,' thus describing Seoul as a passionate, exciting city
  with artistic spirit.