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Introduction to the Global Seoul Mates

Global Seoul-Mate

The Global Seoul Mates are 110 people representing 26 countries who work to fulfill the following roles: convey a vivid image of a contemporary Seoul; produce written, photographic, and video content that uncovers the charm of Seoul’s every nook and cranny; and maintain blogs and SNS sites, just to name a few.

An exclusive Global Seoul Mates community has been established on the Seoul Metropolitan Government website using the “mate (user) platform”.

Mates can upload content to the website for visitors to see, and they are all connected so that visitors can access social networking sites operated by other Mates.

Also, there is a forum which allows the exchange of information, including photos and video clips, related to Seoul’s appeal and publicity methods through the Global Seoul Mates community.

The authentication certificate of the Global Seoul Mates is available for download on the website, and there are two symbols that have been produced and published, and that can only be shared by Global Seoul Mates. We hope that you, too, will spread the word about this initiative by downloading the symbols and uploading them to your main social networking sites, so that others may identify you as a fellow Mate when visiting your site, and vice versa.

Additionally, the Seoul Metropolitan Government checks both the quality of the content produced by Global Seoul Mates and the loyalty of those using the symbols to select the best Mates. There are plans to provide various benefits, such as tickets to promotional events related to city marketing, invitations to meetings, and souvenirs for excellent users and Mates who suggest ideas that are useful to the city of Seoul. We reiterate our wish for Seoul to become one with citizens around the world through the positive publicity activities of the Global Seoul Mates.

Global Seoul-Mate Medals

  • gold

    Global Seoul-Mate
  • Silver

    Global Seoul-Mate
  • Bronze

    Global Seoul-Mate


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