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  • Come to Seoul for a Medical Tour

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    Medical tour pick-up service available through online registration

    Seoul City’s medical tour service is receiving favorable reviews from foreigners. The number of foreigners coming to Korea for a medical tour reached an estimated 60,000 last year. As many as 37,000, or 61.3 percent of them, had chosen Seoul, reflecting the positive reputation of the nation’s capital when it comes to safety and quality, Seoul City said.

    But to attract a greater number of foreigners to Seoul for the medical tour, the government said it implemented a support system to solve the most inconvenient aspects of the whole travel process coming from linguistic barrier. These feature the “airport pick-up service” that will take visitors right to the hospital and the “medical tour coordinator service.”

    The medical tour pick-up service adopted by Seoul for the first time uses the international taxis, which guarantee services in the required foreign language. The taxi driver will be trained to escort medical tourists and provide the necessary help.

    Coordinator support system features a multinational crew, including Russians, Japanese and Chinese

    The “coordinator support system” is designed to ease the inconveniences and hardship of foreign patients and tourists stemming from language problems. As a source of rescue, Seoul City has formed a pool of top-notch medical tour coordinators who are dispatched to various medical centers. A portion of the fees for hiring such coordinators are partly subsidized by the government. The coordinators take part in the communication process and in clarifying the facts for the patient. Patients from Russia, China, Japan and Mongolia have surged recently, according to Seoul City:
    “Foreigners get surprised at the high-quality treatment and system offered at Seoul hospitals, as well as at the overall level of our medical services,” said an official at the Health Promotion Center of the Asan Hospital in Seoul. “The provision of Seoul City’s pick-up and coordinator services has further strengthened the competitiveness of our country’s medical tourism.”

    ■ Pick-up service firms
    – Foreign tour taxis provide a pick-up service in all necessary languages, such as English, Japanese, Chinese
    – Patients staying at hostels can seek free shuttle services. Log onto to http://eng.seoulmedicaltour.com/for details.

    • International Taxis
      – Seoul City-designated taxis offer foreign-language services (English, Japanese and Chinese)
      – 1644-2255 (24-hour call center) / (Information desk available at the airport)
    • Hostel free shuttle services
      – Hostels, a budget accommodation service operated by Seoul City, offers free rooms for visitors who make reservations for more than one day.
      – One shuttle bus is available every hour at the Incheon International Airport.(Commuters gather by the Seoul City Tour Information Desk)