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Issue / Project

  • Come to Hongdae at 10:30PM!

  • Issue / Project SMG 4708
    Hello. I’m Collin from the United States.
    Today, I came to look at street culture in Hongdae,
    as well as go to a noraebang.
    So I hope you guys can enjoy my singing.
    Seoul Challenge is go!

    Wow! How did I get that score??
    So I just really enjoy myself doing that, and with noraebang,
    But it’s 10:30pm in Seoul right now
    and people are outside.
    There are a lot of people actually.
    And people are enjoying themselves and
    it’s really nice because you don’t have to worry about anything.
    It’s so safe here.
    And I love that so much,
    so that’s why I stay up a lot longer than I would back at home.

    Q. What was the most memorable challenge out of the 5 challenges?
    So my favorite one out of the 5 Seoul challenges that I did
    was the dancing challenge.
    I love dancing so much,
    so just being able to learn some choreography from the person who actually made it
    was really enjoyable for me and it was such a great honor for me to partake in that challenge.
    So it was really nice.
    I didn’t know how to make makgeolli,
    so I’m really excited because I personally like makgeolli so I was really happy to make it.
    With sports, I learned that I can’t really play sports at all.
    I’m really bad.
    So I’m going to challenge myself more to work hard and learn sports.

    Q. How do you feel about completing the 5 challenges?
    So I really enjoyed doing these challenges,
    as it made me learn something new.
    This was such a great experience, and like myself,
    you can also participate in these Seoul Challenges.

    The next Seoul Challengers is you!