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  • Collaboration between UNESCO and Seoul City

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    UNESCO Creative City of Design _Seoul City Logo

    Seoul City and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO sing an MOU

    Seoul City and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO officially announced the logo for ‘Seoul as a UNESCO Creative City of Design’ and signed an MOU.

    Through this partnership, Seoul City and the Korean National Commission for UNESCO will collaborate to develop ‘Cultural Creativity’ through ▲ the rearing of creative talents ▲ expanding ways for people to participate in cultural creativity building activities▲ enforcing the design creativity industry ▲ diversifying cultural variety, and ▲ finding other businesses for collaboration.

    Prior to this partnership being struck, the UNESCO headquarters in Paris selected Seoul City as a ‘UNESCO Creative City of Design’ this July 20.

    UNESCO has selected twenty-five cities since 2004 on the basis of their respective merits in seven areas (design, culture, music, crafts, media art, food, and movie).
    Seoul City is the eighth city to have been selected as a ‘Creative City of Design’ along with Buenos Aires, Berlin, Montreal, Nagoya, Kobe, Shenzhen and Shanghai.

    Seoul’s brand value as a city will make the top 20 brands in less than five years

    As Seoul City was selected to be a ‘Creative City of Design’ by UNESCO, its brand value will make the top twenty list of city brands in less than five years. At present, Seoul lies in thirty-third place. Moreover, it has been estimated that the economic value of the city will increase to ten trillion won from six trillion won, and more than twenty five thousand jobs will be created.

    Previously selected …. ‘Creative Cities of Design’ experienced similar boosts. Berlin, following its selection in 2005, was able to increase its creative industry sales by 3.5% and number of design companies by 7%. Also, Montreal has experienced a 750 million dollar effect per year since being selected in 2006.

    Shenzhen, which was selected in 2008, is showing prominent growth as well. Its design industry has shown drastic growth with the addition of some six thousand design related companies since its selection. This has resulted in the creation of more than one hundred thousand jobs and a 1.54 trillion dollar per annum income.

    Using the UNESCO logo for domestic and international marketing purposes

    What is more, along with its selection as a ‘Creative City of Design’, Seoul City will now be able to use UNESCO’s brand and logo indefinitely.

    Seoul City announced that it intends to use the UNESCO logo extensively on public properties and businesses along with domestic and international public relation materials to strengthen the brand value of the city.

    In particular, the city plans to incorporate the UNESCO logo on its design assets that have 600 years of tradition in a bid to attract more tourists and build its image as a leading creative and cultural city.