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  • Coins of Love in Cheonggyecheon to be Used to Help Children from Developing Countries

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Facilities Management Corporation (www.sisul.or.kr) donated 6,338 foreign coins, which tourists from 51 countries threw into Cheonggyecheon (Stream) while making a wish, to the Korean Committee for UNICEF in Changseong-dong, Seoul at 11 am on March 28.

    Classification of coins, Japanese tourists throwing coins into Cheonggyecheon (Stream)

    Since October 2005, the Corporation has donated KRW 36.88 million worth of the so-called “Coins of Luck” thrown by tourists into Palseokdam (Pond), which is situated just below Cheonggye Plaza Waterfalls.

    Japanese coins formed the greatest share at 1,738, followed by 1,360 Thai coins, 1,244 Chinese coins, 854 US coins, 282 Taiwanese coins, and 156 Russian coins.

    By continent, the coins came from 21 countries in Europe (327 coins); 18 countries in Asia (4,995); seven countries in North, Central and South America (939); three countries in Africa (14); and two countries in Oceania (63), forming a collection of coins from all around the world.

    Considering that the foreign coins collected from Cheonggyecheon (Stream) were meant to convey the wishes of people worldwide, the corporation has donated them to UNICEF, which supports programs to improve nutrition and health and to provide drinking water and basic education for children in developing countries.

    UNICEF said, “The coins are a very meaningful gift as they are a donation that has been amassed through contributions by people from all over the world.” The coins donated to UNICEF will be exchanged through Coin Co International (CCI), a coin collection agency based in the UK.