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  • “Climate Change Project Export Counseling” Session

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government and the Korea Trade Investment Promotion Agency (KOTRA) will hold the “Climate Change Project Export Counseling” session, on April 8~12, at the ICLEI World Congress 2015, for foreign city officials visiting Seoul and domestic companies with eco-friendly and green technologies. Participating companies will be selected based on the marketability and competitiveness of their corporations located in Seoul, through document screening, quantity of orders, and preference of buyers.

    Those companies interested in participating in the counseling session can apply at www.buykorea.org, on February 2~27.

    The counseling session will lay the groundwork for the penetration of foreign markets along with the eco-friendly and green industry, which has been gaining attention as an emerging industry, with the holding of the ICLEI World Congress 2015.

    The counseling will cover energy efficiency, disposal of waste, and air pollution control to water control, and participating companies will be given some benefits, including interpretation support, consultations with orders, and 1:1 counseling sessions with buyers.

    In particular, by inviting 100 global buyers of high purchasing power, in addition to buyers from China, which show high demand for energy control technology, and mediating meetings with small- and mid-sized environmental service providers in Seoul, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will actively support Korea’s eco-friendly small- and mid-sized companies in their bids to seize opportunities to enter the global market.

    Also, on the date of the counseling session, the “Climate Change Forum” (organized by KOTRA) will be held. Foreign orders will lead the briefing session, and the global environmental market trends and the overseas penetration strategy of Korean companies will be made public while transferring the know-how required for mid-sized companies to explore overseas markets.