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  • Civic Electric Bulletin Board displayed on the New City Building

  • Press Releases SMG 2828
      – From June 20 (Fri), SMG will operate the electric bulletin board using SMS display technology.
    • – he board is fringed with the image of a child holding the message board, reflecting SMG’s commitment to listen to the ‘every voice of citizens’ .
    • – The electronic display, which is made of one-color basic LED, is immense as 13m wide and 8m long.
    • – The bulletin board is a product of cooperation campaign between public and private sector.
    • – The bulletin board will operate from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM.
    • – SMG official said, “It is easy and fun to send a message to the board, which is expected to rise as an iconic communication tool of city governance and tourist attraction”.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government announced its plan to run the “Civic Bulletin Board” from June 20 (Fri) on the wall of the New City Hall building, which stands at the opposite side of Deoksugung Palace. The bulletin board is unique electronic board which displays SMS messages of citizens, presenting a upgraded version of Shinmungo which was the system of handling complaints against the government during the Joseon Dynasty, giving the people a say in government affairs.

    The new bulletin board is fringed with the image of a child holding the message board, reflecting SMG’s commitment to listen to the ‘every voice of citizens.’ The electronic display, which is made of one-color basic LED, catches eyes with its immense size, 13m in width and 8m in length.

    Notably, the bulletin board is a product of private and public sector cooperation, in which SMG, Jeski Social Campaign and Woori Bank participated. Jeski Social Campaign, an ads company founded by globally acclaimed ad man Lee Je-seok (Jeski) with his ingenious public ads campaign, led the work from planning, designing and to the construction of the electronic board.

    Director Lee Je-seok explained, “Usually when citizens have some grievances to complain, they hold a picket in front of a public institution. The image inspired us to design the shape of the bulletin board. We are expecting that the board will facilitate communication between Seoul citizens and SMG.”

    The Civic Bulletin Board is operated six hours in total, from 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM and any citizen can send a message to be displayed on the board. When a text message is sent to the representative number, the message will be displayed on the board for 6 seconds real-time following the sent order, thereby opening an easy and free window for citizens to express themselves.

    Up to 40 Korean letters and 80 Alphabets and figures can be displayed, and one can send a text message three times within an hour. Blasphemies, slanders, or personal attacking remarks will be automatically filtered out. In addition, in order to prevent spam messages from taking on the board, the SMG will block the message from a phone number which transfers commercials ads or political slanders, and register the numbers of the sender as a spam number via telecommunication providers.

    ※ Civic Bulletin Board Summary

    • Location: On the external wall of the New City Hall Building (The opposite side of Deoksugung Palace)
    • Operation Hour: From 7:00 AM to 10:00 PM
    • Method of sending a message: To send a SMS to the Representative Number
    • The number of displayed letters: Up to 40 Korean letters/ 80 Alphabets and numbers
    • Limitations: One person can send three messages per hour. Sending blasphemies, slanders, personal attacking, political or commercial messages can be ground for legal persecution.

    The first topic of the board is “If I were a Seoul Mayor…” Re-elected Seoul Mayor Park Won-Soon wants to listen to the Seoul citizens to lay out his blue print for city governance based on communication and empathy. Although there can be somewhat radical and highly controversial messages, the Mayor decided to accept them as a form of candid and unpretentious opinion.

    Mayor Park takes the office as the 6 elected Seoul Mayor on July 1. Anyone who has opinion to the newly inaugurated city government just needs to send text messages (within 40 letters) to 010-6387-1177.

    An SMG official said, “The Civic Bulletin Board is a new communication channel which is opened to every citizen from all walks of life. The topic of the board will be selected through a public contest and the fringe image will be taken after an ordinary citizens. After initial operation period, we will review the result and step up the efforts to make the board as an iconic communication channel between citizens and the SMG.”