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  • Citywide Operation of Eco-friendly, Hydrogen-powered Buses

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    Hydrogen-powered buses, commonly adorned the nickname “Air-purifier-on-wheels” because it purifies particulate matter and does not emit pollutants, will run through downtown Seoul starting tomorrow.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) announced that the hydrogen-powered buses will be introduced in the regular intracity route for bus 370. One such bus will start running on Tue, Dec. 15, and the rest three will be introduced on Tue, Dec. 22. The 370 bus route was decided to be the early adopter of hydrogen-powered buses considering the accessibility to a nearby hydrogen station. The Gangdong Hydrogen Station is 2.4 km from the garage of 370 buses, which makes refueling relatively convenient. A single refuel is sufficient for a day-long operation.

    If one hydrogen-powered bus is operated for 86,000 km, the annual operation distance, a total of 418,218 kg of air (4.863 kg per 1 km) is purified. It is the amount of air that can be breathed by 76 adults (average weight of 65 kg) per year.

    The introduction of the hydrogen-powered bus is one of the key projects of the Seoul-type Green New Deal (July 2020).

    During the pilot operation, the satisfaction rate about the hydrogen-powered bus was high as it lets passengers feel less sudden starts or stops or vibration, making the passengers continue to demand hydrogen buses. The introduction of hydrogen-powered buses will lead to an eco-friendly transport system and enhance mobility convenience and driving safety, improving the overall quality of the public transportation service.

    The SMG has plans to open the era of hydrogen-powered vehicles by increasing the number of hydrogen-powered buses to 1,000 by 2025 and establishing 11 hydrogen stations, leading the vitalization of green mobility, which is the key to the Green New Deal.