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  • City tour with a travel guide and subway

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    If distance and budget are obstacles in planning a trip around Seoul, one should try the newly introduced travel guide for the subway.

    Seoul City said it began operating the “City Travel Guide” program on July 15 as a pilot test to run until November. This is designed to provide a convenient and economical tour of cultural sites and tourist spots located near subway stations.

    The government said it hopes the program would be enjoyed by both locals and foreigners, noting that the tour, although it may be short, is a fully packed one. Seoul City is offering four types of courses to cater to all travelers: the physically challenged, senior citizens, foreigners and families.

    • A Course for the physically challenged : a carefree traditional cultural journey
      : Deoksugung (Palace) (Royal Guards Changing Ceremony – Deoksugung – Insa-dong)

    • A Course for Senior Citizens: Traveling Through Memory Lane
      : National Palace Museum of Korea – Seoul Metro Art Gallery – Namsan Hanok Village – Cheongyecheon (Stream) Tour

    • A Course for foreigners, multicultural families: Discovering the past and present of Seoul
      : Insa-dong Ssamzie-gil – Namdamun Market – National Museum of Korea

    • A Course for families: a short journey through notable sites
      : Bank of Korea Museum – The War Memorial of Korea

    Subway tours are free. Participants also receive a small souvenir at the end of their tour. They just have to be ready to pay for the admission fees at the particular sites. Those who are interested in the tours can register through the Seoul Metropolitan Government home page. The maximum number of tourists per course ranges from five to twenty. The four-hour tour programs run from Tuesday to Friday starting at 1:30 p.m.

    “The subway is not simply a means of transportation, but is also a multi-purpose service vehicle relevant to our daily lives and culture,” a Seoul Metropolitan Government official said. “We will continue to develop diverse services and attract events to give joy and fulfillment to the people, making efforts to create a space that acts like a hub.”