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  • City of Seoul Launches Food Truck Street at Namdaemun Market

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    The city of Seoul will be launching a Food Truck Street at Namdaemun Market, a destination that attracts not only residents but also tourists from around the world. Seoul has plans to make the place accommodating to night-time visitors who want to shop and eat.

    The Namdaemun Food Truck Street will be in operation from June 26 to the end of October, 2019, in Namdaemun 3GO Night Market. The Food Truck Street will be established along the 130-meter street from Mesa Shopping Mall to Samick Fashion Town in Namdaemun Market. From 8 p.m. to 12 a.m. every day, 13 food trucks will be offering foods from various countries for the enjoyment of anyone of any age. Other than the food trucks, the Namdaemun 3GO Night Market will be offering permanent outdoor performances and a flea market where handicrafts and the products of social enterprises will be sold.

    The Food Truck Street, which has been held by the city of Seoul since 2017, is a project operated in order to provide residents with enjoyment and food truck owners with a stable location in which to operate their businesses. Particularly, as most food truck owners are of the younger generation, the project also contributes to helping younger people find employment. In 2017, the Food Truck Street was operated near Gangnam Station (Seocho-gu), at the Agriculture & Fishery Market (Mapo-gu), and around Doksan Station (Geumcheon-gu). In 2017, the Food Truck Street was operated near Inwang Market (Seodaemun-gu) and at the confluence of Hangang River and Tancheon Stream (Gangnam-gu).

    Through an agreement between the autonomous districts, the 2019 Food Truck Street will be operated around the Children’s Clothes Street at Namdaemun Market (Jung-gu) and again at the confluence of Hangang River and Tancheon Stream (Gangnam-gu). The city of Seoul selected among venues with high pedestrian traffic and high accessibility with nearby public transportation, and secured spaces where a number of trucks can operate their businesses, so that the event can take place not temporarily but permanently, on a long term basis.

    Besides, the city of Seoul is providing start-up education that encompasses every step of starting a business in order to activate the food truck business. The city also offers tailored consultation by experts that reflects the on-site business characteristics and supporting funds for start-ups to those who completed the education. For more detailed information, contact Seoul Small Business Development Center.