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Greetings from the Mayor


Welcome to the website of the Seoul Metropolitan Government!

It is a great joy and honor for me, as the Mayor of Seoul, to welcome international citizens to this great historic city, which is well known for its priceless cultural heritage sites and comfortable, dynamic living environment.

This website has been created with the aim of not only helping the citizens of Seoul but also providing information to other members of the global community who wish to know more about our city. I earnestly hope that this website will contribute to our efforts to forge a closer relationship between Seoul and the rest of the world, both culturally and economically.

The citizens of Seoul are, above all else, proud of the beautiful natural environment surrounding their city.

The city is traversed by a huge waterway, the Hangang (River), which is revered as a source of inspiration that feeds and nurtures all Korean people and their culture and is protected by scenic mountains, such as Namsan and Bukhansan. Seoul is also conveniently close to fertile agricultural lands, including Korea’s major rice granaries and the West Sea, which supply the city with fresh, nutritious food products all year round. Furthermore, the city continues to enrich its cultural vitality through its wealth of artists committed to expressing the dynamism of the city’s people and their way of life through a great variety of creative and artistic activities. The city’s markets are always brimming with the energy of merchants and their customers, for whom every day is a new beginning. The city administration has now turned its attention from development-focused services to services aimed at restoring the city’s ecological health and protecting the basic rights of its citizens, as well as the provision of universal welfare. With this new goal in sight, Seoul is quickly becoming a community where seniors are respected, children are well cared for, and women and men are treated equally.

I can assure you that all the civil servants of the city administration – of which I am now the head – are fully committed to doing their utmost to further improve Seoul’s business environment.

We are expanding our investment and support programs for creative businesses, which are pursuing their vision of 21st-century society, and integrating IT services, which are already among the world’s best, so that we may create an infrastructure that is even more conducive to business activities. Similarly, we have created, and are maintaining, a safe and peaceful living environment for citizens and visitors alike, including our extremely efficient and comfortable public transport system and effective programs designed to ensure public order and security.

So, why not be a friend to Seoul and come and enjoy all the attractions this great city has to offer?


Thank you!

Seoul Mayor Sign