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Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building Directions

Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building – 15 Deoksugung-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul, Korea
We are experiencing an acute shortage of public parking spaces. Please use Seoul’s public transportation system whenever possible.

  • Route :  1line, 2line
    Route : Exit 1 of City Hall Station / City Hall Station, Exit 11 or Exit 12
By Car
  • From Gwanghwamun Gate direction : Take a right into the narrow alley at Deoksugung Palace main entrance
  • From Sungnyemun Gate Direction : Go straight until Gwanghwamun Gate and make a U-turn. Take a right into the narrow alley at Deoksugung Palace main entrance


Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building Bus Stop
Bus Stop Bus Number
1. Seosomun (02134) (Blue Line) 172, 472, 600, 602, N62, (Green Line) 7019
2. City Hall Seosomun Building (02135) (Gyeonggi Bus) 1002 Gimpo, 1004 Gimpo, 8600 Gimpo, 8601A Gimpo, 8601 Gimpo
3. Seosomun (02133) (Blue Line) 101, 172, 472, 603, N62 (late-night)
4. Seosomun KAL Building (02649) (Airport Limousine Bus) 6701
5. City Hall, Deoksugung Palace (02662) (Airport Limousine Bus) 6005
6. City Hall Station (02503) (Village Bus) Jongno 09, Jongno 11
7. City Hall (02132) (Blue Line) 103, 400, 401, 402,
(Green Line) 7016
(Gyeonggi Bus) 790 Paju, 799 Paju
8. Samsung Plaza (02504) (Village Bus) Jongno 09, Jongno 11
9. City Hall (02128) (Blue Line) 150, 402, 405, 501, 502, 506, 708, N16(late night),
(Green Line) 1711, 7011, 7016
Seoul City Hall Seosomun Building
Block Floor Department Other Major Spaces
Block 1 15F Information & Communications Office (General Affairs Division) Machine Room, Weight Room, Pregnant Women's Lounge, Female Staff Lounge, Male Staff Lounge
14F Youth Policy Division, Lifelong Learning Division, General Affairs Division (Annex Management Team)  
13F Lifelong Learning Policy Division, Education Policy Division, Eco-Friendly Meal Division, Korean Government Employees’ Labor Union Jeongdong Observatory, Large Meeting Room, Kitchen, Office of Korean Government Employees’ Labor Union
12F Cultural Facilities Bureau, Museum Division, Cultural Facilities Division, Resources Recycling Division, Living Environment Division, Energy Efficiency Promotion Division Meeting Room
11F Climate & Environment Headquarters, Air Quality Planning Division, Environmental Policy Division, Air Quality Policy Division, Climate & Air Quality Management Division, Green Energy Division, Energy Efficiency Promotion Division (Passenger Car Mileage Team) Meeting Room
10F Finance Bureau, Finance Division, City Asset Management Division, 38 Tax Collection Division Meeting Room, Library
9F Tax Policy Division, Tax Collection Division, Contract Review Division Meeting Room
8F Water Circulation Safety Bureau, Water Circulation Policy Division, Water Reclamation Planning Division, Water Reclamation Facility Division, Stream Management Division  
7F City Transportation Office, Traffic Planning Division, Transportation Policy Division, Bicycle Policy Division, Bus Policy Division, Taxi & Logistics Division  
6F Pedestrian Friendship Planning Bureau, Walk & Bicyle Division, Transportation Operation Division, Parking Planning Division, Sports Policy Division  
5F Tourism & Sports Bureau, Tourism Policy Division, Tourism Business Division, Design Policy Division, Seoul City Wall Division, Museum Business Advisory Bureau  
4F Culture Headquarters, Culture Policy Division, Culture & Arts Division, History & Cultural Heritage Division, Rapid Transit Division  
3F Smart City Policy Bureau, Smart City Division, Information System Division, Geospatial Information Division, Vehicle Emissions Control Division (Eco-Friendly Economy Division)  
2F Road Facilities Division, Bridge Maintenance Division, Traffic Violation Enforcement Division, Seoul Crafts Museum  
1F Green Seoul Citizens Commission, Lease Consultation Office, Free Legal Consultation Office,One Less Nuclear Power Plant Information Center, Healing Center, Lease & Deposit Support Center, Shared Housing Consultation Office Comprehensive Situation Room, Emergency Operations Room, Nursing Room
B1 Seosomun Archives
B2 Machine Room, Electrical Room
Block 2 10F Archives
9F Information & Communications Office (General Affairs Division)  
8F Commission Member Discussion Room (801-835)  
7F Commission Member Discussion Room (701-734)  
6F Health & Welfare Commission, Traffic Commission, Education Commission, Commission Member Discussion Room (601-613)  
5F City Planning & Management Commission, Commission Member Discussion Room (501-524)  
4F Environment & Water Resource Commission; Culture, Sports and Tourism Commission; City Safety & Construction Commission Special Topic Library, Sound and Communications Room (for City Council)
3F Director General for City Planning, Urban Planning Division, Strategic Planning Division, Urban Management & Design Division, Urban Light Pollution Policy Division, Sports Promotion Division Library, Sub-committee Room
2F Facility Planning Division, Land Management Division, Permanent City Planning Division, Vehicle Emissions Control Division, Standing Inspector General Shared Meeting Room, Library, Large Meeting Room 2 (for City Council)
1F Citizen Rights Protection & Investigation Office, Energy Planning Office, Funeral Service for Public Servants, Medical Office, Oriental Medicine Clinic T-GIS Maintenance & Control Office, Seoul Plaza Maintenance Office, Medical Office, Dental Clinic, Oriental Medicine Clinic, Bank, Emergency Room
B1 Machine Room, Electrical Room
Block 3 3F Big Data Division  
2F Information Communication & Security Division  
1F Garbage Collection Room  
Block 5 7F Safety Audit & Inspection Division  
6F Investigation Division  
5F Chair of Audit & Inspection Commission Meeting Room
4F Audit & Inspection Division  
3F Head Auditor & Inspector Meeting Room
2F Public Audit & Inspection Division, Investigation Division (Investigation Team 5, Ethical Affairs Team, Public Information & Support Team) Meeting Room, Inspection Room
1F Investigation Division (Discipline Inspection Team)