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  • Citizens Who Enhance Seoul’s Image to be Honored as “Hall of Famers”

  • SMG 3212

    Ten winners of the Seoul Mayor’s Award and Citizens’ Award and who enhanced the image of the city will be inducted into the Hall of Famers,” which will be installed at Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Citizens’ Hall. The measure has been taken to exhibit photos and statues to allow many people to view the honorees and learn their contributions. Seoul Metropolitan Government has also decided to name public facilities, plazas, and streets after the real or symbolic name of the winners of such prizes to boost their fame and pride.

    As for the awards, the city will improve consensus among its citizens by allowing them to discover and recommend candidates on their own while ending the conventional practice of recommendation by city agencies. It will also add new areas of citation by expanding the scope of awardees to organizations and facilities as well as people. According to Seoul Metropolitan Government, it comprehensively analyzed the limitations and problems with the conventional citation system and prepared a “general plan to improve the Seoul Metropolitan Government citation system” to have it focus on “citizens’ participation” and “collaborative rule by private and public sectors” and implement a plan that includes the above and other measures.

    To date, more than 5,000 citizens have been honored with the Seoul Mayor’s Award and Seoul Citizens’ Award every year, but the citations had very low public awareness. A citation system that is representative of the city was lacking as well. Worse, measures for long-term benefits for winners have not been in place; thus, the citation system has failed to expedite properly activities to change and improve society, including participation in city administration and donations.

    Seoul Metropolitan Government’s new citation system – which has been changed through the general plan calls for the “installation of Hall of Famers,” naming of public facilities after citizens, discovery and recommendation of recipients of the Proud Citizens’ of the Month Award by citizens, introduction of the Organization and Facility of the Year Award, reduction of the number of winners of Seoul Citizens’ Award and expansion of benefits for winners, and reinforcement of public awareness of citations through the use of PR channels including subway, buses, and street stalls.