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  • Citizens to Participate Directly in Effort to Have Seoul City Wall Designated as World Heritage Site

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    In hopes of having Seoul City Wall designated as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Seoul Metropolitan Government is conducting a nationwide campaign from October 16 to January 31 next year with support from NGOs, businesses, and local residents. Not only Seoul citizens but any Korean national interested in Seoul City Wall may participate in the campaign by logging in to the Seoul City Wall website (www.seoulcitywall.co.kr) and leaving an online signature or by signing their names in an album at Seoul City Wall Museum or Seoul City Wall Management Office.

    In order to preserve the good will of campaign participants, Seoul City will permanently maintain a log of all campaign signatures at Seoul City Wall Museum. With the names and messages of 18,627 participants, the city will create a “New Map of Seoul City Wall,” which will go on permanent exhibition.

    Seoul City Wall, together with the palaces and Jongmyo Shrine, is a major part of the legacy, and a symbol of, Hanyang (now Seoul), the former capital of the Joseon Dynasty. As such, it carries great cultural and historic value that should be protected and shared with people across the globe. Its inclusion on the UNESCO World Heritage List would serve as a significant boost to current preservation efforts and would be an incredibly meaningful accomplishment, as the people are directly involved in the process.

    In anticipation of such success, Seoul Metropolitan Government had Seoul City Wall registered on the Tentative List of the UNESCO World Heritage Center in November 2012, and the city is carrying out thorough preparations with the goal of having it officially inscribed on the list in June 2017. The application for inscription will be filed in January next year, and the final decision will be made after one year of evaluation in June 2017.