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  • “Citizens’ Discussion for Establishing Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases”

  • Environment & Energy news SMG 1032

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government (SMG) livestreamed the “Citizens’ Discussion for Establishing Strategies to Reduce Greenhouse Gases through the Green New Deal by 2050,” which touched on the policies for reducing greenhouse gases and the ways in which citizens can participate, at 2:30 p.m. on October 22.

    This discussion is a follow-up measure for the “2050 Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies for the Green New Deal” that was announced by the SMG on July 8, 2020. The SMG plans to collect the citizens’ opinions that were raised during the discussion and reflect them in the action plans.
    Experts on buildings, transportation, and other fields directly related to reducing greenhouse gases participated in the discussion and debated the issues surrounding the policies of each field and the forecasted outlook. Prior to the discussion, the SMG conducted separate meetings for each local district and an online survey for citizens to collect the diverse perspectives of citizens on matters such as ways in which to execute the Green New Deal (GND).

    The result of the discussions and surveys will be revealed after the presentations of the experts in six fields. Together with the panel, the host will resolve any ambiguity surrounding the Green New Deal policies of each field and ask for advice on specific ways in which the citizens can participate.

    This discussion was livestreamed through TBS TV and YouTube in line with the social distancing measures. The presentation materials of the panels will be available on the official website of SMG (http://www.seoul.go.kr) starting from the opening of the discussion on October 22 at 2:30 p.m..