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  • Citizen Writers begin Web Tune series ‘Good Energy “Cooling” the Earth’

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    Seoul Metropolitan Government has launched a Web Tune series on its Wow Seoul website to promote its ‘Reducing Energy Consumption Equivalent to One Nuclear Power Plant’ policy to citizens more effectively. The policy is aimed at transforming the city of Seoul from an energy-consuming town into an energy-producing community, not simply by reducing energy consumption but by producing new and renewable energy equivalent to the energy generated by an average nuclear power plant operating in Korea at present.

    A total of eight ‘citizen’ Web Tune writers have joined hands to produce the Good Energy series with the agenda of fuel fossil energy conservation and sustainable energy production. For instance, it presents specific methods to help conserve energy and eventually break the current pattern of global warming.

    The energy conservation methods, introduced by writers whose talent has been verified through the works they’ve presented to Wow Seoul Contents, cover a wide range of activities we could all take in our everyday lives including ‘turning a light off.’ More specifically, the series introduces the 12 Citizen Action Plans prepared by the municipal government as well as the city’s eco mileage system.