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  • Citizen Discussion on Particulate Matter at Gwanghwamun Square

  • SMG 4377

    The day to find tofether our right to breathe

    – Seoul citizens talk to resolve particulate matter issues –

    Citizen Discussion on Particulate Matter at Gwanghwamun Square

    • □ Overview
      • ○ Date & time: 2017. 5. 27. (Sat), 17:00~19:00
      • ○ Venue: Gwanghwamun Square
      • ○ Participants: Around 3,000 people (experts, environmental groups, media, students, housewives, children, etc.)
      • ○ Co-hosts: Seoul Metropolitan Government; Seoul Metropolitan Council; Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education; Seoul Association of Mayors of Gu (Districts); Headquarter of Citizens’ Campaign to Make Clear Sky; Citizens Commission for Green Seoul; Air quality and health related associations and organizations, etc.
      • ○ About: Discussion on developing Seoul’s air quality policies for citizens
    • □ Draft Agenda

      Citizen Discussion on Particulate Matter
      at Gwanghwamun Square Draft Agenda table
      Time Program Details
      16:00~17:00 (60′) · Registration · Pre-event performances, show video clips, provide information about discussion
      17:00~17:15 (15‘) · Introduction · Introduce VIPs, explain what causes particulate matter and efforts taken to improve air quality
      17:15~18:40 (85′) · Discussions · Roundtable discussions on diagnosis and resolutions (per table, 30 mins)
      · Interview and discussion with main opinion providers (all, 25 mins)
      · Vote on major agenda items, wrap up discussions (per table, 30 mins)
      18:40~19:00 (20′) · Review, group photo · Review from Mayor of Seoul, announce future roadmap, performances
    • □ Layout ※ Max. 244 roundtables, 3,000 participants

      The day to find tofether our right to breathe

    ※ Draft Program

    – Mayor of Seoul will visit roundtable discussions to have conversation with citizens

    Citizen Discussion on Particulate Matter at Gwanghwamun Square Draft Program
    Time Program Details
    16:00~17:00 (60′) · Registration, pre-event performances · Pre-event cultural performance, show video clips, introduce the event
    17:00~17:15 (15‘) · Opening
    · Presentation from air quality expert
    · Host opens the event with greeting remarks
    · Air quality expert introduces what causes particulate matter, why it is harmful, and what efforts are taken to improve air quality
    17:05~17:25 (10′) · Introduction of discussion and agenda items · Plenary facilitators explain about the discussion rules and procedures
    17:25~17:55 (30′) · First Roundtable Discussion · Roundtable facilitators: Introduce roundtable discussion participants/ explain in details about the discussion/ take note of opinions from participants and send the opinions to the analysis team on the stage
    · Discussion participants: Diagnose the discussion topic. All roundtable discussion participants will take turn to share their opinions about how to resolve the problem, which will be followed by discussions.
    ※ Note: Discussion participants will refer to the reference material handed out to them when they entered the venue.
    17:55~18:20 (25′) · Plenary Discussion · Plenary facilitators: Explain analysis of the opinions from participants
    · Interview with citizens: Select up to 5 citizens who shared meaningful opinions for an interview
    18:20~18:40 (20′) · Second Roundtable Discussion · Roundtable facilitators: Facilitate second round of discussions
    · Plenary facilitators: Interview with citizens and environment experts
    18:40~19:00 (20′) · Announcement of discussion results, closing remarks · Plenary facilitators: Explain major issues and results from the discussion
    · Mayor of Seoul: Closing remarks
    · Group photo