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  • Citizen Artists Encouraged to Donate Talent to Help Create ‘Culture Seoul’

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    The Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to designate fifty plazas, forests, parks, and streets in the city center as ‘Open Art Theaters,’ and encourage professional artists to stage performances, and citizen artists, including amateur culture and arts clubs, and senior citizens’ art troupes, to use them as venues to show off their talent and skills, in order to develop the sites into cultural arenas where citizens can produce and enjoy culture on their own initiative from May 22.

    Open Art Theater

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government will classify the sites into core spaces, hub spaces, and local community spaces, and operate them under specialized programs on a regular basis.

    The core spaces will serve as cultural hotspots in Seoul with the capacity for more than 2,000 spectators. Five core spaces have been designated, including Seoul Plaza, Boramae Park, Dream Forest, Neungdong Children’s Grand Park, and Garden Five Plaza. The hub spaces are the sites of autonomous wards’ cultural hub sites where more than 700 people can get together. Ten hub spaces have been designated, including Nam Insa Court in Jongno-gu, Westlake Park in Yangcheon-gu, and Cheonho Park in Gangdong-gu.

    In the local community spaces, citizens can rest, relax and take a stroll, as well as enjoy cultural performances within their own living communities, including small-scale village parks, walking paths, and hiking paths.

    With the Open Art Theaters and the Mobile Culture Delivery Service, the Seoul Metropolitan Government plans to provide artists with an opportunity to cultivate their talent, and citizens with opportunities to enjoy culture free of charge. In this way, the city administration aims to transform Seoul into a city of culture where all citizens and artists are happy.

    The Seoul Metropolitan Government also established a Culture and Art Sharing Center at the Seoul Foundation of Arts and Culture last February, and is recruiting members for a volunteer group to share their skills from among art clubs and amateur artists. Citizens who are interested in becoming volunteers are invited to contact the Cultural Policy Division at (+82-2-2171-2552).